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Posted on 6/27/2007 | No Comments on Dramarama

Yesterday morning was Brenden’s first time to see Patrick since he (Patrick) got home from his trip. When Patrick went in and got Brenden out of bed, he said that Brenden looked at him funny for a few minutes and then started clapping and giggling. But sadly, their night visit didn’t go so well.

Brenden didn’t believe me when I told him that I heard the garage door going up and that it was daddy coming home. But after several moments of hesitations and looks back at me, he did go to the door to wait for him. When Patrick came in, Brenden was excited. But Brenden did not want to be held by Patrick and soon turned cranky. Patrick tickled and rough housed with him to try to get him in a better mood and it was starting to work, until the fall. Brenden went to stand up, but fell forward instead, cutting his open mouth on the lip of his toy drum.

And here’s where Patrick and I discover we don’t handle our child bleeding very well. We couldn’t see where exactly the blood was coming from and Brenden wasn’t letting us look at his mouth while he screamed and screamed. And the blood wasn’t stopping. So we decided to take him to the emergency room. While I was gathering a diaper, a bottle and the paper I was working on that was due the next day to prepare for the long emergency room wait, Brenden did finally stop crying and the bleeding slowed down. As we were debating whether or not we should still go to the emergency room he started to twitch, which helped us make up our mind in a hurry.

We ended up going to our urgent care place rather than the emergency room because once we got in the car it seemed like maybe we’d overreacted. But since we couldn’t see the injury and it was in his mouth where food (if he would eat anything besides cheeries and gerber tomato chip thingys) would irritate it.

The doctor, who had no trouble getting inside Brenden’s now wide-open-with-a-smile mouth, said it was a very superficial cut and that he would be fine. So it all ended ok, but it sure had us scared for a bit. And poor Patrick felt like he had broken the baby.

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