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9/26/2005 Category :General 0

This weekend was a Stephen King filled one. He’s Patrick’s favorite author and he was in town for the New Yorker Festival where many artists of all varieties come for panels, talks, readings and the like.

Friday night we went to see Stephan King and Michael Chabon both read excepts from their writing and then afterwards sat down to take questions. I really enjoyed both of their stories and it was interesting to hear their thoughts on the writing process.

Saturday morning we went to the main branch of the NY Public Library to hear a discussion by a panel of writers moderated by the New Yorker fiction editor. Four other diverse authors were there to discuss the topic of “When Reality Fails”. All five of the writers wrote about worlds that didn’t exsist or events that seemingly couldn’t really happen. It was a very interesting discussion.

Patrick was excited because he got to ask a question at both events and he got a picture of the discussion panel. He was a little upset that poor planning on the festivals part kept him from being able to attend the book signing. Only 150 armbands were given out for the Stephen King book signing and they were handed out while we were at the discussion panel. So we weren’t able to go.

Saturday night we had a nice evening at a friend’s house were we were treated to yummy fajitas and good company. I was incredibly lazy on Sunday. I barely even cleaned the house and we didn’t grocery shop until today. It felt good!

Above Average

9/26/2005 Category :General 0

One of the publications we are working on at work right now has a little “factoid” at the bottom of each page. When I was proofing some of them today I found an interesting fact. Apparently, the average person takes 7 minutes to fall alseep. So if I take longer than that, I must be above average right?