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Where have all the theme songs gone?

11/28/2005 Category :General 2

Recently I made the observation to Patrick that tv shows don’t have good theme songs anymore. Well, they may have good ones, but not like in the 80’s when the song was written specifically for the show. Now they either use a new popular song, think the WB, or just have music like Lost.

On the drive from NJ to TX the 80’s station on XM was playing the theme song to Greatest American Hero and Patrick decided he agreed with me.

Who doesn’t remember the words to The Dukes of Hazard, Growing Pains or Who’s the Boss? Even if you don’t want to admit it. Ah, the good ol’ days!

And more procrastination….

11/11/2005 Category :General 0

I bought a James Blunt CD off iTunes yesterday and have been listening to it a lot. I really like it. I don’t know if FM radio is playing him at all, but XM plays two of his songs every once in a while. iTunes says he’s like Bob Dylan but I don’t agree. I think he’s like Cat Stevens meets David Gray. I like High and You’re Beautiful the best so far.

This message is brought to you by the emergeny packing systems….

11/11/2005 Category :General 0

I’m getting a little loopey packing. I could have sworn after the move to Jersey followed by a two day move from upstairs to downstairs I wasn’t supposed to pack again. Patrick is busy working from home and helps me when he can, but man we really have a lot of stuff. We are having a “garage” sale tomorrow to sell some things we bought specifically for the apartment. Meanwhile we have no space to put packed boxes and set up for the sale so things just keep shifting around and I can’t really lift much. So I pack a box, tape it and leave it for Patrick to move!

The dogs are completely freaked out and are staying close to us. When I packed in TX they didn’t see me do it, they’d just come in and find more boxes at the end of the day. But here they just look at me everytime I put something in a box. I think they don’t think they are coming with us, or possibly worse, that I’m going to put them in a box soon!

We are really ready to get home. There are a lot of things we like about this area but whenever it comes to driving and customer service we just have to look at each other and say, ahh Jersey. Not that we’ve romanticized TX any, we know there are bad drivers and bad service there too, but it seems those are the exceptions rather than the rule. I think we’ve had our fill of bad driving. Of course that isn’t to say everyone is a bad driver, so if people from my old work are reading this, I don’t mean you!

Ok, back to packing.

Only one more weekend left!

11/7/2005 Category :General 3

We had a busy weekend trying to work in all our last minute sight seeing.

Friday night we went to dinner with friends, and realized we should have spent more time with them. Saturday we went to D.C. to see most of what we missed the last time. We met with one of Patrick friends who I’d not had the chance to meet yet and set off exporing. We saw the Capitol and the Supreme Court and the Smithsonian National Air & Space Musuem.

Today I woke up earlish to greet my first day of unemployment with a smile. Then headed to the doctor for a checkup. Further facing the news of the seemingly inevitable switch to insulin. Boo! No more needles. But I did get to see the baby again and watch its heart beat!

Patrick is already signed up for two trips when we head home. The first week in December he’s scheduled for a conference in Chandler, Arizona and the second or third week “training” in San Jose, CA. I may get to go with him to at least one of them though and I’m more than happy to relax around a pool and shop!

For now, we are headed to Atlantic City one last time!