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10/13/2006 Category :General 0

A year ago around this time (the 17th to be exact) Patrick and I were living in Jersey. I was going to my first sonogram while Patrick was in Dallas starting his first day back at PWC. And I was also trying to work up the nerve to turn in my two weeks notice.

At the end of next month, we’ll have be home for a year. It’s funny how quickly things change and how quickly you become used to them and start to consider them “normal”. I also think it’s funny that I’ve painted most of the rooms in the house in the time we’ve been back but not hung up any of our artwork. It’s all in a stack up against the wall in our library.

Patrick and I were missing NYC this past weekend. On Wed. I was telling my Mom how we had talked about that and then right after she left I came into the office to check my email and saw the yahoo headline about the plane crash. Suddenly I was missing it a little less. I sure would have been worried about Patrick at work in that little bit of time that no one knew what was going on! And I’m even more glad now that I just saw a headline that says 2 ft. of snow fell! I do love snow, but I love fall even more and there should be no snow in fall!

And now, without my agreeing to it, I’m days away from being 30! Ugh. And Brenden will be 6 months old at the end of the month. I’m really not sure when this happened. I still feel like such a kid most of the time. But I do hear that 30 is the new 20, so maybe it will all be fine!

Any suggestions?

10/11/2006 Category :General 3

I’m bored with all my music. I’ve worn everything out listening to it over and over. Anybody got any suggestions for something new I might like? I’ve been enjoying Keith Urban songs on the radio, but don’t know which cd to start with so I haven’t bought anything yet. I am excited about the new Sister Hazel one that’s out today, but I know I’ll probably listen to that a bunch when I first get it so I want some backup!