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A real update

2/13/2008 Category :General 1

Life has been a little crazy around our house since the new year. Patrick is in his busy season at work plus taking a night class every Tuesday and Thursday. He often gets home after Brenden goes to bed. Meanwhile I’m trying to take care of Brenden and get the house ready. So we’ve both had our stresses and pretty much just want to rest, which is why there hasn’t been much writing lately. But I think things are slowing down a bit now. I think.

Brenden is a handful. A sweet, wonderful, adorable handful. He climbs on chairs to cook in the microwave, make pop (toast), eat his father’s breakfast and pretty much do anything that would otherwise be out of his reach for good reason.
Today he wanted to go for a ride in the car so he brought me his shoes and I put them on him. I guess I didn’t get it though because then he went and got my shoes out of my closet. Exactly the pair I would have picked to wear. Then he got my coat out of the coat closet. So we went out. And when we got home he didn’t want to take his hat, coat or shoes off. The part with his shoes started on Friday but the coat and hat were new for me. The only time I was allowed to take his shoes off today was when I was changing his diaper.

We went to a hockey game with some friends of ours on Sat. night (thanks again guys!) and left Brenden at a daycare type place so he could play with other kids. And those darn kids got him sick! Again. Yesterday he threw up once and then sneezed a lot. Today he has an out and out cold with lots of coughing and very productive/projectile sneezing. He was very pink checked and glassy eyed most of the day but still wanted to run and play.

He has decided for some reason that all dogs are Sam now. Only it’s pronounced shamy. Sam is Shamy. Bailey is Shamy. The target dog is Shamy. The dogs on his dog pjs are Shamy.  You get the idea. And no matter how many times I try to correct him, he is determined that Shamy means dog.

So he’s been keeping me busy trying to keep him safe though I am fairly certain he has a death wish. Or at least a break every bone in his body wish. But he has also been very entertaining blended with lots of hugs and kisses and “mommy. mommy. mommy”.

Here are a few pictures from after his bath last night:




And a bonus.


Happy Belated 21…months that is

2/9/2008 Category :General 1

Here are a few recent pictures. He’s been a lot of fun and a lot to keep up with lately. Getting more independent and willful every day. Learning new words and being funny every day too.


sleeping in the car.


riding the choo choo train at the mall.


courtesy of my parents.

It’s official!

2/9/2008 Category :General 1

Our house is officially for sale! After several weeks of working hard, we listed our house this morning. There’s a sign up and everything. Now I just have to go crazy trying to keep it clean!