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New Brenden video

4/26/2008 Category :General 2

I know I usually have the video directly on the page, but this time you’ll have to click the link.

Pee U.

4/16/2008 Category :General 1

The bushes in the front of our house smell funny sometimes. Especially after a rain or in the early morning. After receiving a few comments from potential buyers that our house smelled like cat urine, we started febreezing the bushes every day in order to mask it. But it wasn’t working. And I really didn’t like having people think that I would really let my cat outside to pee on the door. So this past weekend we ripped them out. Here is a shot of our little family project before it got messy.


April showers bring broken fences

4/10/2008 Category :General 1

This morning, or last night—depending on how you choose to see it, I woke up around 4 to increadibly loud wind and tons of lighting. I instinctively grabbed a sleeping Patrick and in my half sleep told him that it was storming really badly. Startled, Patrick jumped out of bed. I got out of bed to and we went and looked out the window at the storm just as the tornado siren sounded. When this happend a few weeks ago I had time to gather some things and get Brenden and the cat, but this time we just grabbed Brenden and headed for the bathroom. Our power was out but we have a weather radio and flashlights in the bathroom. The radio was saying there were confirmed reports of 84 mph wind and reliable reports of 87 mph.

Eventually the wind passed and we emerged and Brenden started to play. The power was still off. When the storm died down I put Brenden back to bed and went outside in the rain to see the damage. The majority of the back line of our fence and our trash cans were all over the alley. We picked them up the best we could and then headed back in, the power still off for some bad sleep.

The power did eventually come back on. We were very greatful to have nothing more serious than a broken fence. Now lets hope the people coming to look at our house tomorrow night can deal with it being down because we can’t possible get out there and fix it until Saturday!


Catching up

4/10/2008 Category :General 1

I know I haven’t been blogging much, so here is a dose of pictures:


Brenden on his 2nd Easter. He was so sick he had no interest in hunting eggs, but he did love sitting on this tractor. He also loved the plush fire truck Easter basket we got him. He’s acutally still carrying it around most days.


I took Brenden for a haircut on Monday and he was pretty good. They lady still had to work hard though because he wiggles so much and whips his head around. When it was wet and slicked down with gel, as above, I thought she did a really good job. But after it dried I could see it’s pretty bad. I cut the mullet end off the back and trimmed the front up some more, but there are still a lot of uneven places. He’s still handsome though!

Last year we started a new tradition of going to opening day with our parents and we continued that on Tuesday. It turned out to be a beautiful day despite the 40% chance of rain warning and the fact that the Rangers lost badly.

Could they look any more alike? Father and son walking into the Ranger’s game.

The smiling boy at Opening Day.

Oh, last week Brenden went into the doctor again! This time it was a rash that had spread all over his body. We suspect that he shares my allergy to all the drugs in the penicillan family and had to switch him to his 3rd antibiotic prescription for the still raging ear infection. He started taking his first antibiotic March 19th and won’t be done with this last one until the 12th of this month. But knock on wood the whole household will have been healthy for a whole week tomorrow! It’s a miracle.