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The 3rd Trimester begins

10/23/2008 Category :General 2

If Jan 6th is the date, then there are a little less than 11 weeks to go until the baby comes! In some ways I am more than ready but in others not so much. We got a few rooms in the house professionally painted last week which includes the baby’s room, but there is still work left. I had wanted to put up bead board and chair rail, but think I may have to settle for just chair rail. Then we need to set up the furniture. We’ve still got a few supplies to gather too. And in moments when Brenden is really hyper I freak out a little about how I’m going to handle two crazy dogs, a vengeful cat and two kids. But it can be done. I’m getting more and more anxious to find out what we are having too! So it feels like no time and a long time all at once. But I know it will pass quickly with all the holiday rush that’s coming.

Brenden loves Bailey

10/20/2008 Category :General 1

We had a really big weekend (see previous post about zoo, plus a visit from Grandma and Grandpa on Sunday). Despite falling asleep for about 5 minutes in the cart at the grocery store, Brenden didn’t get a nap yesterday and he didn’t end up falling asleep in his room until after 9:00. He slept restlessly all night waking up twice. I thought he’d sleep nice and late this morning, but for some reason he was up and ready to go at around 7:30. He was much more mellow than he usually is in the morning though and I was even able to catch a picture of him giving our Bailey dog some love.


(Just in case it looks funny, his eyes aren’t two different colors, I just didn’t do a good red-eye reduction on one.)

He went to play care while I went to the chiropractor and he’s really worn out. He’s napping soundly. He’s going to start going to a mothers day out every Thursday at the play care we occasionally send him to. He’s ready to be out with kids but I’m not ready for him to be in something everyday just yet. We’ll wait until he’s 3 to start that. Or at least until Jan. when we might be able to get him in a more formal program of some sort. But actually trying to research all the different preschools was kind of making my head hurt!


10/20/2008 Category :General 0

After a long and busy week for Patrick we relaxed at the Dallas zoo on Saturday with some friends. I thought with two kids we’d be there 3 hours at most, but we ended up staying about 5. We had such a good time and the kids did great. Little Will took a short nap but Brenden waited until we were in the car on the way home. He fell asleep mid-ice cream cone. Now that is tired! Here are some pictures:


Brenden really had a good time climbing on the rocks and getting as close as he could to the water. He would have been happy to see no more of the zoo than what was right in this area.


We got to the zoo right when it opened at 9 and had the place to ourselves for probably about half an hour. This slide still had dew on it when Brenden went down.


Pretending to lick the egg.


Brenden keep turning to us and saying “What’s that?” He and Will sure were having fun together.


Brenden was really coveting Will’s stroller. There was a cool steering wheel attachment and Will was nice enough to let Brenden ride in it for a bit. Brenden never wanted to get out of it. He just kept honking the horn. And we thought letting him ride in a wagon would be more fun than bringing his stroller!


He thought sticking his head through the sign was pretty fun. Even though it took Patrick a bit to get our camera on and get the picture taken!

Sorry my pictures have been smaller than usual. We are doing some computer shuffling and I’m waiting to get photoshop back on my “new” computer. Should be soon.

Patrick actually beat me to a post!

10/13/2008 Category :General 0

On the suggestion of a Friend we went to visit the Owen’s Farm pumpkin patch last weekend. Patrick actually beat me to a post about it…with pictures and everything. Check it out if you missed it.


Insulin and a Date

10/13/2008 Category :General 0

After getting a couple of high readings on my fasting blood sugar at home, I was asked to start checking it every day instead of every other day and then to fax my results in each week on Tuesdays. When I faxed my numbers in for the 2nd week this past Tuesday, I immediately got a call to come in. So casting aside my plans for dropping Brenden off to play with kids while I went to the chiropractor for an adjustment and a massage, I rushed through my shower and went to the doctor where I knew what news was coming.

And it came. Insulin. But it isn’t the horrible thing I always thought it would be. Not that I like it, but it could be a lot worse. I only have to take it once a day, first thing in the morning. The needles actually hurt much less than taking my blood sugar too. So I’ve been getting through it for about a week now, and I think I will survive what I thought would be one of my worst nightmares.

The other piece of news I learned while at the doctor is that he’s looking at Jan. 6th for my c-section. I’m not sure that is a set date yet, but that’s what I know so far. Means Patrick just might be celebrating his birthday in the hospital!