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The Burleson Boys and their luck!

9/22/2006 Category :General 2

We took Brenden to his first Ranger’s game the other night. Great seats, 13 rows behind home plate. The start of the luck would be that Patrick was given these seats which are so nice and the tickets include parking. We’d had them once before, but had to pay for them. Patrick had been talking at the start of the game about how balls do sometimes come in that area and that we needed to watch out for Brenden if that happened. Well, we’ve both been to baseball games over the years and no balls have ever come near us so we weren’t too worried. But then one did. It bounced off the bottom of the next level and came back down a row in front of us. Patrick had Brenden in one hand. People in front of us were scrambling for the ball. Patrick is just sitting there trying to protect Brenden and the ball comes straight to his other hand and he catches it. So that is the Burleson luck. Patrick has the best luck for winning things or getting things free of anyone I know, and it looks like Brenden has inherited that luck. Now they just need to team up and buy the winning lotto ticket or a win a trip somewhere great!

I got a new toy!

9/22/2006 Category :General 0

I got a new iMac! It’s so pretty and it hardly takes up any space! We went and got it on the Saturday of Labor day weekend. Patrick spent all weekend setting it up and basically hogging it from me. I finally got to use it when he went back to work on Tuesday. But then on Wed. he called to tell me that Apple had just released a new version. So it went back to the store and we repeated the whole process, but I’m set up now and loving it!

Brenden Watch…

9/22/2006 Category :General 0

He may not be as famous as baby Suri, but he’s just as cute! To catch up…..
Brenden went to his Scottish Rite appointment on Aug. 17 and it went well. Basically they don’t recommend any kind of prosthetic because they found kids weren’t wearing them and that it actually limits them because they lose the ability to feel things out. So that was reassurring because we’d sort of decide we wanted to wait until he could make that choice for himself, but didn’t want to be holding him back. The only thing we have to decide now is if we want to have his little thumb removed so it doesn’t get caught on stuff. We are still thinking that over.

At his 4 month doctor’s visit he weighed in at 16.5 lbs and 25.5 inches. He’s already in 6-9 months clothes because he is so long (it’s all in the torso). At the time we went to the doctor he had rolled from his stomach to his back twice, but it had been about a month between the two times. The doctor thought it might have been an accident, but I explained he’d been working very hard at it. And for the next few days it was like Brenden had been challenged. He went to work getting that move down and then immediately added going from his back to his stomach into the mix and has been a rolling fool ever since. Most babies don’t roll from the back to the stomach until 5 or 6 months.

And now he is teething. He started about 2 weeks ago. Last week was especially difficult because his tooth that is coming in was hurting him and so was his tummy. He pretty much cried every time he was put down. A little stressful, but we got through it and now he is back to his happy go lucky self. Most babies don’t get their first tooth until 7 months, though it can happen as soon as 3 months.

Shocking that Patrick and I would have a determined over achieving baby, huh?
Now it is 8 days until he is 5 months old. Unbelievable how fast time goes.


He got this new toy about 2 weeks ago and had it figured out in seconds. The seat spins around and he just somehow knew to do that!


This is a cute trick he started recently. Anything with a little hole in it, he tries to put on his little hand. I thought it was an accident at first, but no, he does it on purpose!