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Now we’re in trouble!

11/30/2006 Category :General 2

Brenden is 7 months old today! And on Tuesday he learned to crawl. Now he is into everything. He was already banging his head on things with all his rolling, but now I’m think maybe he needs a crash helmet. Now he’s moved on to trying to pull up on things to stand up, and he’s doing a pretty good job. I took some video on Tuesday and as soon as I figure out how to get it onto my computer and the here, I’ll post it. For now, I’ll leave you with pictures taken earlier today….

Video is posted now! And I figured it out all by myself! Click on link below pictures.


Brenden Crawls.mov

Brenden loves books!

11/27/2006 Category :General 1

Patrick and I are both huge readers, so it is important to us that Brenden find a love for books too. And he has….he loves eating them! I can’t read him a bedtime story because he always grabs the book from me and eats it!


On a serious note….

11/27/2006 Category :General 2

My parents grew up in the same town, thier houses within walking distance from one another. These houses were the same ones that provided a backdrop for my visits to Grandma and Grandpa’s. They were places that nothing ever changed and I loved going there. During the 18+ hour trip from Texas to Wisconsin I’d read as many books as I could with my little flashlight. We’d arrive at my Grandma and Grandpa Romanski’s. There would be a wide array of candy and baked goods on the buffet, a vegtable tray and soda in the fridge, ice cream in the freezer. Grandma would offer food the minute we walked in the door. It didn’t matter how many times you said you weren’t hungry, she’d try different things until you caved. In the mornings, waking up in the room above the kitchen, I’d lay and listen to the grownups discussing life. The coversation and the smell of breakfast wafting up through the vent.

There were other rituals too— like the toy closet at the Romanski’s where the kids went to play, my Grandpa Romanski’s (Papa) constant reminder to eat so you didn’t get sick, both grandfathers slipping me $20 and telling me not to tell anyone, looking through my Grandpa Murray’s metal detector finds to pick out whatever rings I wanted (probably where my love of jewelry sprang from) and hanging out in his basement making things out of wood scrapes, playing pool and eating candy.

These traditions began to change the year I graduated high school. That summer, my Grandpa Murray died, followed by my Grandma Murray the next summer almost to the day. Almost three years ago, My Grandma Romanski died after she and Papa moved down to Texas to live with my parents. And finally, today at 7:30 I got the call from my mother that Papa had died. He had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and brain metts.

I don’t normally share this much about myself or my family, and I hope it won’t make my family too sad to read it, but I needed to write it so I’m taking this space to remember.

Papa loved to entertain with his stories. He loved to impart his wisdom…with such morsals as “look at the family tree of the person you are dating and if you see bad health, run for the hills”. He always called me his little diplomat. He was a character.

Now Peace Signs are offensive?

11/27/2006 Category :General 0

We have a homeowners association in our neighborhood, which Patrick and I don’t really care for. They seem to enjoy mailing out notices that are grass is a 1/2 centimeter too long. And then they turn around and raise the price of our homeowners dues because of their postage costs. I just read a story though that makes that seem like no big deal. The link is below.


We have crawling…sort of

11/17/2006 Category :General 0

Today Brenden got up on his hands and knees, which isn’t new, but then he moved forward. He sort of pulled himself with his hands, but it wasn’t an army/belly crawl thing, because he was up on his knees with his tummy off the ground. We are one step closer to danger!

He had a really big weekend last weekend. We went to the Baja Fresh fundraiser for Hands down on Wed and were there for 5 hours. Then on Thursday he and I “volunteered” to help Kelli set up and check people in for her work event. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we seemed to be running despite our best efforts not to.

We went this past weekend (one of the things we ran around doing) to price carseats. Someone had mentioned that we should get a Britax because they last for pretty much the rest of the time he will need one. So we looked, and then we were sold on them, but not on the price. So we found one on ebay for a ton less and it came today! Patrick’s Dad and Stepmom also got us a cute one. Since we have 2 cars, it’s easier to have 2 seats.  It will be sad to see his cute little carrier go, but it will be ok. I think he is getting  uncomfortable in it anyway.

Brenden on the move.


Brenden about to be in big trouble with his Daddy. In case you can’t tell, that’s all the tv setup he’s about to reach for.


He’s getting better and better at sitting up.

Patrick is a blogging fool!

11/14/2006 Category :General 0

Patrick has blogged 9 days in a row now! He is trying to get into a routine of coming home and writing something everyday, even if it is short. If you pay attention to his blog, you know that it is pretty common for him to go a month or two at a time between posts, so this is very impressive. He’s got some cute pictures of Brenden up too! I especially like the one of him in his sweatshirt with his name on it that his great aunt Patty made for him. He looks like he should be on the Mickey Mouse Club.

OCD? I’m not OCD

11/11/2006 Category :General 2

I just took a quiz to see what borderline personality disorder I have for fun. Guess what it says…I’m obssesive compulsive. Shocking isn’t it. Boy I really wish they’d make those things more accurate!

Big Brenden

11/7/2006 Category :General 0

Brenden has started reaching out for things, like his parents and sitting sort of up on his own. He’s doing the leaning thing, but he can get there on his own! I went to look for the cushy padding to cover up our fireplace hearth this weekend, but couldn’t find it. It looks like I have to get it on line. I just hope he doesn’t figure out crawling before I do that!


Is water not a beverage?

11/6/2006 Category :General 0

Ever since I found out I have diabetes I’ve pretty much stuck to drinking water. Sure, I could have diet soda, but I never developed a taste for it, so I decided not to start. I occassionally have diet lemonade or light cranberry juice, but usually it’s just water. Which apparently is frowned upon by the fast food industry.

Whenever Patrick and I order a fast food combo with water the people always give us a hard time. At best we get bottled water, but I really prefer ice water so that’s not what I’m ordering. Usually they try to talk us into a soda. Is it not ok if some people don’t drink soda? But often what we get is the tiny kids cup full of water. Most recently we ordered two combos with water and got one tiny kids cup. Not even two, just one. Now I understand that it is probably cheaper to just order the individual items in this case rather than the combo, but if we are willing to pay the extra money for the ease of ordering, should we not get the size drink that comes with the combo? It’s water, not gold, why are they rationing it? We aren’t ordering it to be cheap.

Anyway, I’m sure there is a simple solution to the problem, such as don’t eat out, but I find it all rather irritating!

I have comments again!

11/3/2006 Category :General 0

For the longest time I thought nobody was commenting. Then people started telling me there was a problem posting and I thought that the comments were just gone. Patrick finally looked at it this morning and figured out what the problem was and fixed it. And there were all these comments I’ve gotten over the last several months! I was so excited.I feel loved again! So please don’t think I was ignoring any of you, and I appreciate all your comments. And they are fixed now, so feel free to comment away!


11/2/2006 Category :General 1

I have had a few people tell me they are having problems posting comments. I’m not sure what the problem is, it shows up correctly on my  end, but Patrick is going to look into it for me just as soon as he has time to breathe again. Sorry about that.  You can always send email!

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

11/2/2006 Category :General 1

Brenden is 6 months old already! In the last month he’s been to two 1st birthday parties and on a road trip to Austin. Yesterday he went to the doctor for his 6 month checkup where he got his 4 shots and a flu shot! He is now 27 1/2 inches (82%) and 18 lbs 10.8 oz (69%). The doctor called him a big healthy boy!

He is on the verge of crawling, he’s already up on his hands and knees, and sitting up on his own. He is so close to getting it all down that he has become rather obsessed with it and wiggles to get down on the ground every chance  he gets.

Some friends of ours from NJ got married in Austin last weekend, and I might add that it was probably the most perfect wedding I’ve ever been to, so we took a nice car ride there. My Mom had told me early on that changing the water you use to make bottles is not good for the baby’s tummy, so I always carried a bottle of McKinney water to use. I forgot to pack enough for the whole weekend though, and we paid for that the first night of our trip! Brenden woke up screaming every two hours, which he hasn’t done since sometime in his first month. But it all worked out and we had a nice trip despite both Patrick and I being sick. Somehow, Brenden has managed to ward off the cold germs that have been floating around our house for the last two weeks.

We went to a halloween party/meeting for Hands Down (the support group at Scottish Rite) where the kids dressed up (sorry Patrick, I was wrong about that whole, “Adults dress up too” thing, much to both our embarrassment!) so we got Brenden a costume. I should have bought it earlier so that he could be a little monkey like  I wanted him to be, but that costume was sold out so we went with a pumpkin instead. We dressed him up again to answer the door on halloween night too, and he was so cute! (The last pict. is Brenden on the way home from Austin. He was concentrating pretty hard on his toy!)