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Back from the dead…again

3/26/2008 Category :General 1

Three times we’ve taken Brenden to this playcare place, and three times he’s come home sick. On the 15th we went to another hockey game and sure enough, two days later Brenden was sick. AGAIN. This time with pink eye and a cold. The cold turned into a horrible ear infection. He was absolutely miserable. I wonder what a nearly two year old must think about not being able to open his eye? The doctor said on Monday there is a still a lot of fluid and pus in his ear and that it is actually bulging a little. This was the worst he’s ever been. He would just sit on my lap with his head flopped over to one side Sean Preston (Spears) style and moan. He wouldn’t eat anything for over a week and he had a really hard time sleeping. Poor little guy.

Two trips to the doctor and one to the urgent care place—plus two different antibiotics, lots of tylenol, ear drops and eye drops later—he finally started feeling better yesterday. Today I would say he’s back to actually acting like Brenden. He played, laughed and ate. Plus he took a 3 hour nap. He still has a bad cough and a runny nose, but he is on the road to recovery.

Patrick and I have been trying this whole time to fight off the cold. I think the only think that has helped me from completely giving in is that I just had a round of antibiotics when I got my wisdom teeth pulled on the 13th. Which is another whole story about an arrogant doctor who did not want to believe me when I said no one could find my veins in my right arm so he attempted to prove me wrong 4 times all over my arm and wrist before finally going into my hand. That is something I would never have allowed if I hadn’t been under the influence of laughing gas at the time. I wish I had taken a picture of my poor bruised arm, but it is finally starting to look better. Mostly.

Patrick took three days off of work starting today and we had a nice day together as a family. And that’s my update for now. I’ll try to add some pictures in the next couple of days now that Brenden is back to smiling.

Back from the dead

3/3/2008 Category :General 3

So Brenden and I were sick since the time I posted 2 and 1/2 weeks ago up until this past Friday evening. We were just getting over our colds. My voice had just come back to a point where I no longer sounded like Marge Simpson. We took Brenden back to the kids play place so we could go to another hockey game. And then we got hit with the flu.

We were all in the car in Plano getting drive thru Krispy Kreme’s on our way to view several houses with realtor in Richardson and Dallas. Our food had just been handed to us and we heard the horrible sounds coming from the back seat. I won’t gross you out with details but I’ll just say that we to this day haven’t gotten everything off the car seat despite a seriously large effort. We had to strip Brenden down, wrap him up in my coat and hit the nearest Target for a new outfit. We decided to see if he could make it through the house tours we were now running late for, but we cut out one or two that were at the bottom of the list. He threw up several more times later in the day and we ended up taking him to the doctor where he tested negative for the flu. But I’m not buying it because by Tuesday I was hit with it so badly that I could not move and I had to call my Mommy to come help us out. Even Patrick who just never gets sick came home from work. Of course he slept for a few hours and bounced right back by the next day. I even missed my GRE and a hockey game 🙁

So it’s been a yucky couple of weeks and we were so happy to start feeling better on Friday. We had a playdate on Saturday because we thought we were having an open houses. The open house didn’t actually happen until Sunday, but we were glad for the mixup because it allowed us to have a truly relaxing day on Saturday which we probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. We took the kids to the park and enjoyed a beautiful day and good conversation. We haven’t gotten to relax or enjoy outside in so long that it was really blissful. And Sunday during the acutal open house we went and played with more friends. So all in all it was a nice weekend.

We are got a little discouraged on the whole house selling over the course of last week so here’s to hoping for a better week. After getting so close to having a deal go through in our second week, it’s just disappointing to not really be any further along yet, but we are trying to stay positive.

Here are a couple of picts from the sick days:

He insisted that he wanted to go somewhere. So we put his hat and shoes on with his pjs because he couldn’t be patient enough to get dressed.


All of his hats hang on a peg that he has discovered he can reach if he stands up in his chair. He flings the stuffed animals off the chair, climbs up and gets all the hats. Then he picks one to wear and I have to wear the rest.