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12/20/2004 Category :General 0

We got our first snow last night. It’s not much, just a dusting, but it’s supposed to snow more today too. We woke up to 11 degree weather but it actaully felt like -1. The high for the day will be 20. I felt like the marshmellow man walking to work today so bundled up that I couldn’t hold my arms down at my sides normally.

We had a busy weekend of running around trying to finish up Christmas shopping and buying things for the cold weather. I got some great winter boots with our finally arrived discount abilities! You really have to love shoe discounts. We went into the city on Friday night and again on Sunday and around Jersey on Saturday. We are finally ready!

We head home for 8 days on Thursday and are very excited. We hope to be able to make arrangements to see everyone but still have plenty of time to relax and visit.

Day 5 of No Voice

12/15/2004 Category :General 0

A prime example of why people shouldn’t go to work sick! Patrick got sick at work from somebody who came to work sick and in turn got me sick. I’ve been sick for a week now with a monster cold.

I got sick on Wed and thought I was better on Friday. We went out to the movies and when we got out, I had no voice. Every time I spoke I’d come out sounding like Marge Simpson. Yesterday, I woke up and felt great. My voice sounded much better and I had a lot of energy. And then I went outside.

Something must have been floating in the air that set my allergies off. I came in from walking the dogs and could not stop coughing or stop my eyes from watering. There was this tiny dry spot on my throat that would not get hydrated no matter what I did. I drank a gallon of water followed by a glass of orange juice and took a fruit breezer, still couldn’t stop coughing.

I have a much better voice today, although I was just trying to talk to my sister and had to go because I started coughing again. I’m fine as long as the air doesn’t hit my throat!

So today Patrick is walking the dogs and let me sleep in. He’s promised to come home and walk the dogs and cook me dinner! I’m pretty excited about this given the fact that it’s 27 but feels like 17 according to my little weather watcher! Snow is predicted for Friday and for Monday. I think this time it may actually come.

Check out the pictures of the city at Christmas
. We found the most massive crowd last weekend wherever we went, but the city loves Christmas.