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Privacy Anyone?

7/25/2005 Category :General 3

NYC recently started a screening process in light of the events in London. They will post police people at random subway stops and have them check random bags. Anyone with a bag is subject to search. You do have the right to refuse, but then you can’t ride the train. And NJ has followed their lead.

So far neither of us have even been at a stop where they are checking, but we are both a little annoyed with the idea. I understand wanting to ensure people’s safety and I don’t claim to have a better answer, but I really feel this is a huge loss of freedom. And I also don’t understand how it can solve any problems. Unless they check every person at every stop, how do they know the will find whatever there may be to find? While I think it would be impossible to do this, that would be the only way to actually accomplish anything. And even if they do want to check someone, all that person has to do is refuse and then go to the next stop and get on. It just seems like another band aid to make people feel safe while actually accomplishing nothing.

And then when I came home today I read another article that annoyed me. I always skim the headlines on the Yahoo news section and in the health area anything on diabetes always catches my eye. I think I’m hoping they publish an article that says it actually is ok to eat as much chocolate as you want! So anyway, this article I read was saying that NYC wants to start tracking and monitoring diabetics, a practice so far reserved for diseases such as HIV. They say that because the number of diabetes related deaths has increased so much in the last 20 years which is costing the city money, they should monitor who has their illness under control and who doesn’t and gently intervene with those that don’t. They could then do things like send you reminder notes to make a doctors appointment if you have gone recently enough.

This really bothers me. I’m responsible enough to take care of my own health without getting notes from the government. I realize some people won’t take care of themselves, but isn’t that one of the freedom’s we as American’s have? And unless I’m missing something the only way that this is costing the city money is if people die with absolutely no one in their life to handle their deaths. In which case that person probably has a few bigger issues.

Ok, there is my controversial 2 cents. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Music News

7/25/2005 Category :General 2

I heard on XM that David Gray has a new album coming out in September! I’m very excited about that. I just missed him in concert too 🙁

Also, I read on her website that Heather Nova will release a CD in the UK in August. Wonder when it will be out here.

I can’t wait because I need some new music. The last thing I bought was Ryan Adams and the Cardinals which I’m enjoying, but I’m still ready for something new.


I may have missed David Gray in concert the first time he was here, but I just got an announcement that he will be back October 5th and 6th at Radio City! Woohoo!

Happy 4th of July…a bit late

7/25/2005 Category :General 0

Andy and Sara came and spent their 1 year anniversary in NYC over the 4th. We had a good visit, though I had to work and didn’t get to spend the whole time with them.

While they were here we went to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was actually the first time we’d been, and I loved it. We went on the 4th and it was a nice way to celebrate the day. Most people know that I’m not one for great patriotic displays normally, not because I don’t love our country or anything, but that’s just me. I was the same way with school spirit. But I actually felt really American being at Ellis Island. The Statue was neat,but there were lines to get in. And it was a slow day, so they were much better lines than they could have been!

What I enjoyed so much about the day was putting myself in someone else’s shoes. Imagining spending all that time on a boat to get here. You’ve left everything behind, you’ve had very little food. And then you get here, and you see that great symbol of America. Of freedom. But when you get here there is still so much hardship to over come. Health inspections, mental inspections, intelligence tests. They wanted to make sure they didn’t admitt anyone who would wind up being a burden to society. Families got separated. People got sent home. Others died in the hospital wing waiting to get healthy enough to leave. I had a vague sense of all this before going, but looking at the pictures and reading the stories was really an eye opener.

Finally got the pictures done. I had a little too much fun with my mac and made them into a movie!: Click Here