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1st Day of Work

2/22/2005 Category :General 0

I started my new job today. Not sure what to think yet as things were a bit unorganized. I’m sure it will be great, but for today is was a tad frustrating. You know how I like everything all organized! But the great news is that I get a paycheck on Friday! Patrick and the IRS thank me profusely.

Congratulations Bob you finally got a job

2/15/2005 Category :General 7

I got a job that I start on Tuesday!

I went in for an interview through The Creative Group for a proofreader/copy writer position. Had a great first half of the interview with two men and then they told me that they interviewed someone yesterday that was over qualified and if she’d take the job they really felt like she should have it. So I was very discouraged until they said that I’d made the choice harder than they thought it’d be and that they should
really take us both. They sat there mulling things over for a few minutes and then mentioned that they had another position that they needed filled that wasn’t exactly defined yet.

So we talked about that one….I would get to do some layout, not the design, but the physical placement of stuff in a program that I’ve been wanting to learn and then help out wherever needed. I told them I was interested and they said they had some talking to do.

Well, I just got the call from the creative group that said I got it. They created a position just for me, I think my title will be Production Coordinator and it pays more than the job I went in for. Of course, she also mentioned that the other person hand’t taken the proofreader/copywriter job yet, so it sounds like they just knew they wanted me and didn’t really care where. I should have had to go through a trial period, but they are skipping that and hiring me on full time from the begining. They said they felt comfortable with my
talent and professionalism and personality that they didn’t need the temp part!

I’ll be working for Emco, an office supply catalog company. Not a super exciting thing to help layout but oh well!

So I’m really excited. And, I get to play the rest of this week before starting on Tuesday!


2/10/2005 Category :General 1

Apparently Rob Thomas (of Matchbox twenty) is now also a solo artist with a new cd coming out April 26th. Yippy!

So I’m a dork!

2/6/2005 Category :General 1

I’ve wanted to learn to play the guitar for years. Since the begining of the year I’ve really been on a kick that I want to challenge myself to learn and try new things. I don’t really know a whole lot about what types of guitars are good or anything like that, aside from the obvious names.

I’ve looked on ebay a couple of times to see what’s out there and anything I recognized as good was of course expensive. I was just searching for drums on ebay for a friend and decided to check the guitars again. Apparently Sunday night is a great time for auctions to end as there were two or three pages of sales ending in mere minutes. One in particular ended in 4 minutes and was a penny. So I bought it. It’s probably the world’s biggest piece of crap,but it comes with accessories and it only cost a penny plus shipping and handeling.

Now I just have to learn to play and hope I don’t suck. But a friend just told me if I do suck, I can blame it on the cheap guitar!

Irony, not a fan?

2/3/2005 Category :General 0

I’m going to a new volunteer meeting for Habitat for Humanity because I signed up to help with their newsletter. The meeting is at a Starbucks.

Our weekend

2/3/2005 Category :General 0

I know, it’s a little late to just now be posting about our weekend, but hey, I’m only semi-employed and it keeps me very busy!

This weekend we went into the city to go to Central Park. Patrick had been wanting to go ice skating so off we went. As we waited for one of the trains there where 3 women standing and talking and we instantly identified them as Texans. They just fit the stereotype too well. Once we got on the train they started talking to some other people about Texas for some reason and Patrick chimed in that we were from there too because he wanted to answer a question the ladies had been asked and didn’t know the answer to. So as we were talking another guy walks up and says to the women, “did I hear you say you are from Texas?” So there was a nice little Texas reunion on the train and it made us feel closer to home.

We finally got to the park and I got some hot chocolate from my favorite hot chocolate place to drink as we walked around. There were tons of people out enjoying the park. We made our way to the ice skating rink and Patrick finally got to enjoy his skating. Of course during this time the sun started to go down and I got chilly! But we had a good time and then we walked around the city going in to different stores.