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Brenden’s got something to tell you:

6/29/2008 Category :General 2



That’s right, we are going to have another baby! Look for baby Burleson #2 to arrive in January. Current due date is Jan. 15th, but because of my diabetes it will be an earlier c-section.

House update

6/23/2008 Category :General 0

We made it past our house inspection and after a few stalls our house is on the road to being sold. The buyer’s option period (were they can cancel for any reason) ends tomorrow morning and then we just have to wait to make sure their financing will go through.

We’ve found a house we like and have the winning backup offer on that, but we aren’t holding out a lot of hope of their first deal falling through, so we continue to look.

I’ll keep you updated. But as of tomorrow afternoon, we are starting to pack up things we can live without for the next month! Yikes.

Under Contract

6/16/2008 Category :General 1

We accepted an offer on our house this weekend. If things go well, we’ll close on July 23rd. We just have to make it through the inspection and hope that their financing goes through. But considering they got preapproved the day before they made their offer, I think we’ll be ok on that one.

The funny thing is that we had decided we’d tell our realtor on Monday (today) that we wanted to take the house off the market because the two offers we’d gotten had been so terrible and people were mentioning that they could be new construction here for around the same price. Guess it was meant to be! Hopefully anyway…