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First Haircut

5/31/2007 Category :General 1

I took Brenden for his first haircut today. It is something he’s needed, at least over the ears, for a very long time. I took him to a place that does only kids cuts. I think the lady we got was on her second day. As far as the cut goes, I’m pretty sure I could have done as well, but considering how much he moved his head, I think she did great! He got to sit in a little car and watch Nemo while the stylist did everything she could to entertain him. He did great! I’ll have to get a better after shot, the one I’m including now is the one that the stylist took for us. The rest I took during the haircut.






5/31/2007 Category :General 0

Brenden has learned to climb since we’ve been home. He has been interested for a long time and we could see him lift his leg up but he never knew were to go from there. While we were on our cruise the bathroom had a huge step up to get into it and Brenden started to practice on that step. When we got home, he was all the sudden able to climb up into his little chair that we bought him for his birthday. He really hadn’t shown much interest in it before and then all the sudden he could get in it. And then he discovered he could climb on the fireplace too. Once he gets up he beams a great big smile of pride. When he sits in his little chair sideways and pretends he is talking on the phone he looks like he’s hit teenagedom very early!






Big Day

5/4/2007 Category :General 1

Brenden ate chicken and drank REAL milk from a sippy cup!


Name that baby

5/4/2007 Category :General 4

It’s not actually as hard as I thought it’d be, but it is still a fun game! There are two pictures each of Patrick, Brenden and I all mixed up.


By the way…

5/2/2007 Category :General 1

I know my site is slow to load because of all the pictures. Patrick had helped me fix that once before, but I guess it got messed up and I wasn’t aware of it until recently. I’ll get him to help me fix it again, probably after next week when our semesters are over. Until then, sorry for the slowness.

So, I took a bunch of silly quizes….

5/1/2007 Category :General 0

yesterday and I thought I’d share my findings.

I am:
26% Girly
28% Normal (that little, huh?)
72% Grown up and 28% Kid
47% American
and the best one….

80% tortured genuis

Oh, and the perfect European city for me to live in? Dublin!

My Child is a genuis…

5/1/2007 Category :General 1

I know, every parent thinks that, but really, I have proof. Brenden got a little toy drum for his birthday and we were playing with it yesterday. I gave him one of the sticks while I played with the other. When he put his down I picked it up and was playing with both. I put them down, and smartso picked one up, picked up the other, used his little hand to transfer the second one to the big hand and went to town playing with both sticks in one hand. I personally think that makes him a genius. He played them that way again today too, so it wasn’t just a fluke. There’s a picture below.

And if that isn’t enough for you, today when we were waiting forever in the doctors office Brenden grabbed my cell phone. It was closed and he had it up toward the back of his head on the side facing away from me. I thought he was just rubbing his head because he was tired, but then I was watching his face and his shoulder, he was talking on the phone! He was making funny faces and trying to use his shoulder to prop up the phone!

And I bet you are wondering about that 12 month checkup, right? He’s up to 22 lbs 11.7 oz and 32 inches long, not a lot of growth since the 9 month checkup, but the doctor seemed to think that was all normal. We get to make the great switch from formula to milk and turn his car seat around. Doctor said everything looks great, we just need to start feeding the boy some meat so that he can be a true Romanski-Burleson baby.