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11/5/2004 Category :General 0

Ok,so I’m obviously not that good at keeping a journal, but I’m not sure that anyone has noticed! We’ve gone to the Bronx zoo, to look at leaves and had visitors. Andy came to stay with Patrick one weekend and Kelli came to see me the next. We’ve seen a taping of Letterman, the top of the Empire State building and Patrick has gone to Philly while I went to Chicago and saw my parents and my sister and did some business. We’ve been a bit busy, so we will probably take it kind of slow this weekend…but you never know. Last night I was looking at the holiday schedule for NY and am now all excited about the holiday season here! I want to see all the holiday window displays in the department stores,all the Christmas trees,but especially the one in Rockefeller Center, and go to the Nutcracker!