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Subway Strike!

12/20/2005 Category :General 0

And even more on the picking a good time not to be in the NYC area front…the transit system of NYC has gone on strike. On the other hand, I guess Patrick would probably have a nice time being off until they solve everything.

That’s a lot of information all at once!

12/11/2005 Category :General 0

Patrick and I just got back from registering at Babies ‘R’ Us, which was just a touch overwhelming. When we did our wedding registry that was fun. We had all the basics so we just picked out fun stuff that we wanted and there really wasn’t a lot of thinking or choices to make. This was a little different. It was still fun, but it left our heads spinning.

We got the list of suggested needs and set to work with gusto. Our gusto, however, quickly faded as we needed to make choice after choice on items that despite studying up on a little, we didn’t know that much about. And did I mention the list was huge? I had planned that it would take us about 2 hours, but it ended up being the 3 hours that the store had left to be open! And we still want to register at Target! We’ll have to rest up for that, but hopefully the 2nd time around will be much faster.

The biggest stalling point was strollers. We both agreed we wanted to get a travel system (a stroller, car seat/baby carrier all in one) but that was the only thing we agreed on at first. Patrick wanted a heavy duty manly stroller that weighed 28 pounds were as I wanted the one the stroller dude said was their best seller and the number one pick of consumer reports that was only 20 pounds. And for all of you who think I wear the pants, Patrick got his uber stroller because stroller dude said it would last through the next child. But the compromise is, as long as he’s around—he’ll be doing the stroller lifting!

I did get my way on the color scheme though, pale yellow, blue and green. And we are having a frog theme, which may be odd, but the stuff was so darn cute!

We imagine that it will be pretty obvious to anyone who looks at our registry that we weren’t 100% sure what we were doing! But hey, we still have 5 months to figure some of that out. Like where on earth in our house all this stuff is going to fit! Oh well, you live and learn right?