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The difference is, I’m in the mood to kick a little a**

1/31/2008 Category :General 2

* I should note that the title is a quote from a movie since only about 2 of you will get it. *

So the premiere of Lost season 4 was tonight. It was awesomely good in a way it hasn’t been since season 1. I’m not one of those people who complained through seasons 2 or 3 either. I thought both season were just fine until I watched tonight. I can not believe we only get 7 more episodes before they run out of stuff that was finished before the writer’s strike. 16 episodes each season was already going to be too few. Come on already, just give the writer’s their money so we can get back to “keep you on the edge of your seat” or “huddled up next to your husband” good tv!

Moving on up?

1/25/2008 Category :General 1

In December, as the idea of Patrick’s impending busy season loomed, we started to look into moving closer to downtown Dallas. I quickly found a house that I absolutely love the outside of and could love the inside with some work. We went and saw it and several others. It came down to two houses that we really liked, but we decided on the first one we saw after a lot of discussions. We thought of making an offer on it contingent on selling our house, but after some great advice decided that wasn’t the smart way to go. Even though we’ve owned this house the whole time we’ve been married, neither of us have ever actually bought a preexisting house before, so it all seems a little complicated to us. Plus, this will be the first place we’ve actually picked out together and we are hoping to stay for a long time so we want to make the right choice.

So now we are spending some time getting things fixed up and packed up in our house so that we can put it on the market. The hope is that we can get our’s sold while the one we want is still available. We also know more about what we are looking for now so we know we can find something else if we have to. It’s meant a lot of juggling trying to get things done while Brenden naps and on the weekends. This weekend, should the weather cooperate, we are having a big work day on Sunday. Then, whatever doesn’t get done, we’ll have a professional do. Then time for cleaning. Our house should be ready and on the market starting the 9th of next month. Touching up all the paint is proving a little maddening for my perfectionist side. Everyone keeps pointing out though that I’m going to see it more because I did it though. So if you know anyone who needs a 4 bedroom 2 bath home in McKinney, send them our way!

Update: Here is a link to our house listing:

Sick Baby

1/25/2008 Category :General 1

I took Brenden to the play area at the Collin Creek Mall on Tuesday. He loves to go play with the kids and go up and down the slides. Poor kid doesn’t get to spend a whole lot of time around other kids. He had a great morning playing and then came home for a nap. When he work up he had a surprise visit from Grandma and Grandpa and wore himself out again. He was one tired little guy by the end of the day.

When he woke up Wed morning, he had thrown up in his bed. I gave him milk. He threw up. I gave him more milk because he begged for it. He threw up more milk. Any time I gave him milk or crackers he would throw up. He also had a slight temp of 99.4 so I knew I had to keep fluids in him. The nurses line at his doctor suggested giving it to him in spoonfuls but Brenden was having none of that. So I kept giving him electrolite water mixed with juice in little sips in his cup. Anyway it was a long day of cleaning up the carpet and the kitchen floor and the chairs and his clothes.

Thursday he didn’t throw up once, but any time I picked him up he was cuddle and warm. Brenden is not generally one to sit still long enough to cuddle, so I knew he still didn’t feel good.

Today I gave him milk for breakfast as usual because he had successful kept some down last night, but today it quickly came back up. It’s been a long week, but the good news is that he’s been taking 2 1/2-3 hour naps all week! Darn carrier monkeys at the mall!

Diabetes News

1/23/2008 Category :General 0

Great, now I just need to become obese and I too can have my diabetes cured.

Overheard at the mall…

1/15/2008 Category :General 0

Little boy: Mom can I have a gumball?

Mom: Sorry, I don’t have any money and gum is yucky.

Little boy: Moms don’t have any money. Only daddies have money!

Two cute Pictures

1/12/2008 Category :General 0


His shirt says ” I still live with my parents”


I used this photo to enter him in the Regis and Kelley/Parents magazine Beautiful baby contest. That’s right, I pimped out my baby.

I think they’ve started my CPS file now…

1/12/2008 Category :General 5

Everyone knows that I hate shots and needles. Since I am diabetic however, I have to go in to my endocrinologist every 3 months to make sure all my numbers are ok. That means that I have to have blood drawn every 3 months. And even though I’m see-through and you would think my veins would be easy to locate, they are deep and they roll. Unless the person is really good, they have a hard time. Anyway, I got lucky the last time I went and the doctor said since nothing was changing I could wait 5-6 months before coming back. So I scheduled my appointment for 5 months out and Wednesday was the day. I always get really nervous as my appointment date gets near, and this time was no different. Especially since I’ve had some trouble with my medicine supply and it’s been the holidays so I knew that my numbers probably weren’t going to be as good as they normally are.

So Brenden and I made the drive into Dallas for my appointment with all this going on in my head. It’s a colder day than I thought and I’m realizing I probably should have put a coat on Brenden. I went to the back seat to get him out, but then realized I needed to get the stroller out first. He has lately become completely obsessed with anything related to his beloved beep beeps so he really wanted my car keys. I gave them to him to play with which I do sometimes and then went to get the stroller out of the trunk. When I went back to the car door to open it, it was locked. Brenden had locked himself into the car. With the keys. With my phone. With everything but me and the stroller. And it all came to me at once that I’d shut the car door to keep him warm and that I normally leave it open when I give him the keys. That he’s been pressing the buttons on my Mom and Dad’s keys so that he can hear the panic alarm and all the beeps. Oh my goodness why on earth did I give him my keys?

I tried for a good 5 minutes to get him to press the right button. He thought it was very amusing when I told him beep. He beeped back every time. And then he grew bored of that game and dropped the keys out of reach. Freaking out, my only choice was to go in to the doctor’s office, tell them I wouldn’t be making my appointment and ask to use the phone.

I had plans of remaining calm. Instead, I walked in, the receptionist said hi and asked how I was doing. Tears spring to my eyes as  I say, “Not good. I’ve just locked my toddler in the car and I don’t think I’ll be making my appointment.” She gives me a phone book, the phone and a business card with the buildings address on it and I proceed to call Patrick, who doesn’t answer and leave him a rambling message about how he can’t call me back.  I then call a locksmith who tells me that since there is a baby in the car, the police department will come out fast and free so I call them.

It’s the fire department who comes, with 4 men. Nothing to make you feel more like a stupid woman than to have 4 fire fighters all there dying to hear the explaination of how this happened. All bearing a slight smile on their face.
Anyway, they got him out. He was freaked out by the 4 men breaking into the car. But he handled it pretty well. And after verifying that I had my keys in my hand, they were on their way.

The doctor’s office fit me in. The whole office knew that I’d locked the baby in the car but didn’t know how it happened, so I got to explain it. Many times. And then I got my blood drawn and a bonus flu shot too. The one good thing is that without the focus on my arm being pierced by needles, it wasn’t as bad to have two attempts at drawing blood followed by that darn flu shot. And I did learn that there are a lot of people out there willing to help. Like the fireman and all the people in the doctor’s office. And the fine gentlemen that took the hanger already straightened out for just such an event out of their trunk to come help me before I told them the firemen were already coming.

Belated Christmas

1/12/2008 Category :General 0

It was an usual but great Christmas this year. I think I’ve mentioned in previous years that we are fortunate enough to have three families to celebrate Christmas with. We celebrate with Andy’s family (Patrick’s best friend since forever), Patrick’s Dad and Stepmom’s family and my family. We always celebrate with Andy’s family on Christmas Eve and then our families it seems to change from year to year, but for the past several years it has been my family here for Christmas day. This year with celebrated with the Burleson’s on Christmas Eve day, then headed to Oklahoma. Brenden enjoyed both celebrations very much. Especially climbing up and down the one step that each of the houses had. Up. Down. Up. Down. He seemed to really get into other kids that day.

On Christmas we got up to prepare our feast. We had a hookup on our meet from our connections and Patrick was very nervous that he would mess up. But he did great (thanks to all the help from our hookup) and we feasted on Prime Rib. None of my siblings or my two cousins who normally come were able to make it this year. My sister had just been in for my graduation for the week before and we were going to see my brother and his family the next weekend. So it was a smaller crowd, but that just made it nice and relaxing. Brenden was happy that without the distraction of too many people everyone could fix their full attention towards him!



In Oklahoma



Christmas Day out our house


My Mom, Me and my Aunt Jane

As Promised-Graduation and Vegas

1/11/2008 Category :General 0

Ok, so on Dec. 15th I FINALLY graduated from college. Or so they say, but I haven’t gotten my diploma yet! The few people that I got to invite to the actual ceremony (we had a ticket limit) braved the wind and freezing cold to come watch. Despite the weather, I had a great day and really appreciated everything my friends and family did for me!

The next day it was off to Vegas. We hadn’t been since right before we moved to NY. We really have a great time in Vegas and had been missing it. If you read Patrick’s blog, you already know that we refer to this as the upgrade trip. If you don’t read his, I’ll give you the jist of it. We got offered an upgrade to a suite and though I thought Patrick was crazy to agree to it, as soon as I saw the room, I got over him blowing our carefully laid out budget in the first 5 minutes of being there. It was an amazing room, or shall I say rooms. He’s got all the pictures posted on his site, because yes, we are that easily impressed that we took pictures of every inch of the room. So take the link to his site to check them out. We loved the increase of the penny slots everywhere and had an especially great time with a few versions of Monopoly. On our flight home we got offered an upgrade to first class seats and took that to complete our 2-day trip in luxury. It was the perfect way to reward myself. Brenden seemed less than thrilled that we went away and did not seem to think his new M&M World loot made up for it.

I’ll catch up soon-Promise

1/10/2008 Category :General 2

I haven’t forgotten about blogging. I have a lot I want to post about, just haven’t had the time and energy to get there yet. Here are some upcoming topics: 1) graduation 2) vegas trip 3) christmas 4) My run in with the Dallas Fire department. I’ll try to get these posted over the next few days.