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“It’s winter. There are fewer people on the street.”

3/27/2005 Category :General 0

Saturday was the first nice weather day in a long time, and it was very evident that everyone was intent on enjoying the out of doors. The food vendors on the Jersey side were back on the street as well as the purse and dvd booths, and in general, there were just more people on the street.

Patrick and I decided to enjoy the day by walking around the city and going to the Guggenheim Musuem.

As we were walking we came across this school. It really made us want to stay in the area long enough to have kids to send to there.

We enjoyed the Guggenheim, though it was very small. When we went to the MET we spent probably a good two hours there and hardly saw any of it. When we went to the Guggenheim, we saw all seven floors in one hour. But we did enjoy what was there. There was an art project called “The Eye of the Storm” that was all around the musuem. which was basically a lot of stripes and a lot of color. The top two levels were each a single exhibit, one on the fcc/airwaves and one on fallen stars.

I want my Mommy and Dadddy!

3/23/2005 Category :General 2

What a crappy day! Everyday at work my computer gives me the white screen of death about 30 times, and no, I’m really not exaggerating. And every day two of the guys there work for a few hours to fix it taking time away from them doing their jobs and me doing mine. So that combined with all the time I spend trying to restart and reopen everything makes for a lot of wasted time. Today the only thing I accomplished on my computer was to print a couple of work emails and send a few. Nothing else would work at all.

Yesterday one of my bosses told me they just got a G4 back from the repair shop and I could have that today to replace my G3.
But instead, I got to play tech support and trouble shooter…yet another job responsiblity so not in my job description! I spent ALL day waiting for my computer to restart and run through first aid repair…which to me is like trying to give a person mouth to mouth when they’ve already flatlined. Pointless. Oh, and it crashed twice while I was running the repairs. But that didn’t discourage my boss who was bound and determined not to give up. My computer is toast. Or at the very least needs professional help, which we for some reason have no one in the company for. But I never got the G4. Supposedly tomorrow. But I don’t understand why I couldn’t have spent the time getting that one set up and let someone else at the apple store work on the one I have.

Then, it started sleeting just in time for me to drive home. The drive was yucky, but not too bad. I got home and bundled up to walk the dogs. And for those of you that read my other dog story, you know I’ve learned it’s not possible to hold an umbrella while walking two crazy dogs. So I didn’t take one, but I put a hat on.

I didn’t realize how windy it was and that the rain/sleet combo had started to blow sideways and mix with a little snow. Wind and ice are blowing at me from all directions, but I get the dogs out and get done as fast as possible and start to walk home. Then I realized my keys had fallen out of my pocket somewhere. So in the midst of trying to stand upright in the wind and rain, sleet slapping the sides of my face and neck and dogs getting leashes tangled and pulling me in two different directions, I try to look for them, but can’t find them.

I had to take the dogs to the office and beg to borrow a key, which they wanted me to leave ID for. Who takes ID to walk dogs? Luckily, Patrick’s super friendliness paid off as he has made friends with the assistant manager and she let me take the key. I got the dogs in, put a scarf on, got the umbrella and headed back outside.

And do you know where my keys were? At the bottom of the steps leading up to the building. And I looked there! I still can’t feel my ears.

My iTunes iMix

3/21/2005 Category :General 0

For anyone that uses iTunes at all, I made an iMix. I’m a little dissappointed because I put a few songs on it that are really meaningful to me and iTunes didn’t have them, so they aren’t on there.

Here is the link:


Is anyone reading this thing?

3/20/2005 Category :General 3

If you love me and you know it, make a post! Not exactly the same ring as if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands, but you get the point.


3/20/2005 Category :General 2

It’s always been hard for me to fall asleep at night, but I’ve made a lot of consessions since getting married. I’ve learned to sleep with the fan on even when it’s 20 degrees and the door open, which I never used to do. The biggest consession though is that I’ve learned to fall asleep with the TV on. Every night we pick a movie to fall asleep to. Patrick gives me a hard time because the one thing I do insist on is that it’s not scary or violent…which in our movie selection really narrows things down. It mostly means we can only watch the few chick flicks (not that I agree with that term) that I’ve snuck into the collection. Most of my movies are still on VHS.

One of the movies we fall asleep to the most is Bridget Jones because we both really like that one. Patrick loves the line about looking like she’s just escaped from Auschwitz. In the theater, we were the only people that laughed at that. So I have been waiting for the second movie to come out on DVD. I was very excited to find that it was out early today at the store. Even though the second one doesn’t follow the book as well as the first one does, it’s still pretty good.

I love the movies first and foremost because they have Colin Firth in them, and let’s face it, he’s pretty darn good looking. But I also love them because Bridget is such an every woman. I really relate to her because she tries to be this perfect, confident and pulled together woman but underneath it all she’s just a huge insecure dork.

I love the skiing part of the second movie when she doesn’t get off the lift in time. It starts to go back around and she has to jump off. That actually happened to me the first time I went skiing, but I didn’t jump…they had to STOP the lift and let me off. As Kelli can tell you, we still refer to that as the “I’m glad your so confident, ’cause I’m still on the lift” story…as that’s what I said as Kelli got off and I started to go back around. Like Bridget, I’m also prone to imagining scenarios in my head though not so fantastical.

Pretty quiet weekend. Patrick was out all yesterday with friends in Philly. He sent me a text message with a picture of the Liberty Bell. I enjoyed a nice day of cleaning while listening to my music full volume and singing at the top of my lungs. My favorite two stress relievers. I know it’s weird to like to clean, but there is just something so relaxing to me about making everything nice and neat and orderly and putting it in it’s place.

Patrick and I finally figured out one of my problems in dancing—apparently I’m leading without even being aware that I’m doing it. Can’t give up control for even a second I guess! But since I don’t realize I’m doing it, it makes it a hard thing to stop. We “graduate” next week and have had a lot of fun taking the classes.

So now another Monday is rolling around. Another week of work. Another week of admin duties. But you never know, maybe this is the week my ACTUAL job will start. I know, it’s not the end of the world, and I’ll tough this out as I tough out everything else.


3/14/2005 Category :General 2

This weekend Patrick and I bought scene it, a boardgame with a DVD and trivia questions about movies and TV. Normally that is the type of trivia I can actually beat him on, but this game was really hard. Patrick beat me three times to my one win. I felt a need for revenege in order to help my wounded ego, so I suggested we play the 90’s edition of Trivial Pursuit that he got for Christmas. I am better at that version than any other besides the 20th anniversary edition.

But apparently I was having a huge mental lapse because I forgot I was suggesting playing against Patrick, the King of useless trivia. He was beating me very badly but I caught up. We’ve started playing the way were after you get all the pie you have to go to the center and answer a question from the category of the opponents choice. We never played that way in my family. So finally we were both to that point but we kept missing questions when we were in the middle. And then Patrick got an easy one, and he won!

So the moral of the story is, if you want to win a trivia game, don’t play against Patrick. He knows things he has no reason to know especially when he can’t remember things I said to him 5 minutes ago! And he is the master of pulling answers out of thin air. I swear he can see through the cards!

This is my space. This is your space…

3/7/2005 Category :General 2

Patrick and I took our first dance lesson Friday night. I can confirm once and for all that I have no rhythm. The first thing we had to do was listen to the music and bounce along to it.That was the hardest part for me…and it’s supposed to be easy!

From there we moved on to the basic steps of the Lindy and the Foxtrot. We had a class immediately followed by a review session. The teacher for the review session explained things a little better, so I finally got some of the moves down. We’ll see how I do next week when we learn two more dances. But I had a suprising amount of fun.

I’ve had an earache for several days now and at first I thought it was because I was run down. I got some eardrops for pain relief this weekend and they help a little for a little while, and then it hurts just as badly as before. I think I have an infection or something. I need to go to the Dr. but will have to find a way to get work to let me do that.

Not much exciting happened this weekend. We watched some netflix and cleaned the apartment. This weekend we are making plans to use some comedy club tickets we got.

So no exciting news, but someone was bugging me to update:)

Week number 2 of employment

3/1/2005 Category :General 0

This is my second week of work and I’ve done very little of my actual job duties as of yet. So far I’ve done a lot of filing and labeling and other such busy work. Which isn’t bad, it just delays settling in.

I did actually learn how to do something today that will be part of my job. I get to place logo’s on different publication covers in quark! Also, I got called in to a meeting to hear about some copy I will be writing just as soon as this lady gets me the information.

It kind of seems to be a group of people who are really smart and creative, but not so good at explaining things, organizing things or coming up with the most direct and simplistic way of doing things.

Friday Patrick and I start dance lessons (his co-workers gave us a g/c on his birthday). That should be interesting. I’ve also been invited to attend Improv workshops on Tuesday nights for free. I will probably start that next week as I’m too tired today.

I’m getting lots of experience driving in the snow everyday. I hear it stops snowing in April or so!