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Brenden loves chores

10/16/2007 Category :Brenden 1

Brenden has discovered the joy of washing dishes. Now every time someone washes their hands in the kitchen sink he thinks he needs to pull a chair over and stand there to wash up all his cups.

He also loves to throw trash into the trash can. One day he found a piece of trash under our recliner and ran as fast as he could to the trash can to throw it away. If asked to throw something away he generally will.

For about a month or two now whenever asked if he needs his diaper changed he will go back to his room where the changing table is. Of course once there, he usually gets distracted by a toy, but hey.

Here is a picture of him washing dishes. Note that the water MUST be left running just a smidge.


And here is his best Minnie Pearl impersonation. My Mom bought him this hat for our upcoming vacation and he wore around the house tags and all. It is hard to tell, but he is actually hanging on to the tag in the picture.


Not off to a good start dude…

10/16/2007 Category :General 3

I’m expecting my parents to come over soon and when I heard a knock at the door a minute ago I thought it was them, so I yelled out to let them know I was on my way. When I looked out the peephole before opening the door, I see a young man waving at me. I felt obligated to open it since it was obvious he knew I was looking. He started off his sales pitch by asking me if my parents were home. So not good. When I told him it was my home he then launched into how sorry he was but that I looked young. Never the way to get me on your good side. I know it’s supposed to be a compliment but when you hear it ever single day and people think you need your mommy and daddy to be home, it just isn’t. But I wouldn’t have bought his magazines anyway. I hate sales calls and hate it even more when people show up at my house selling stuff—Unless it is a kid for school.

17th month check in

10/1/2007 Category :Brenden 1

We had a fun weekend. We had a playdate with a friend and his son on Sat. and the boys actually played together a little.  They are about 6 months apart, Brenden being the younger. I don’t want to rush a minute of Brenden’s growing up, but I did start to get excited about some of the changes that may be coming soon!

Sun was a birthday party for 5 year old in Patrick’s family. It was fun and loud and Brenden enjoyed it until he got too sleepy at the end.

We’ve been working hard over the course of the weekend to try and eliminate the bottle completely. I know I know, he should be off it by now! I’ve been going back and forth between feeling bad that he’s not and feeling like I know my child better than everyone that has picked some arbitrary age kids should suddenly not need a bottle. But his pediatrician said by 18 months was the hard deadline and that is at the end of Oct, so I gotta get crackin’. Plus, his bottles are starting to become hard to get really clean and we are going to travel mid month so it would just be easier. He’s taken a cup with meals for a long time, but the rest of the day has always wanted the bottle. It’s gone fairly well and I know any difficulties we are having are because of bad habits we allowed. He’s getting much better about taking the cup even when it isn’t meal time. I got him a set of cups with straws and lids and that seems to be helping him.
I do remember that I promised to have a video soon, and just as soon as I get time to edit it, I’ll get it posted.



The boys hard at play on Sat.


Brenden getting in on the birthday party action.


Sleepy boy about to crash.