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Saturday, the new Sunday

4/28/2006 Category :General 1

My doctor called last night to tell me he wants to change me going in on Sunday to me coming in on Saturday. As in tomorrow! So much for all the things we were going to accomplish on Saturday!

The Perishers

4/25/2006 Category :General 0

Almost a year ago in May Patrick and I went to see Sarah McLachlan and this group called the Perishers opened for her. She came out and sang a song called “Pills” with them. I really liked that song, so I bought it off Itunes right away but never bought anything else of theirs. Then xm started playing “Sway” and “Still Here” all the time and I decided I liked those too. So a few days ago I finally bought the whole cd and it’s pretty good. At least I think so. But the lyrics are kind of depressing.

Baby Update #3gillion

4/24/2006 Category :General 0

I didn’t update after my doctor’s visit last week but long story short, I found out last week that due to low blood sugar my doctor was going to seriously consider inducing me at 38 weeks. I also had my appointments switched to Monday’s along with moving my non-stress tests from being every Tuesday to being every Monday and Friday. My Mom went with me to last Friday’s test and kept me company after we went out to a “girly” lunch. So that was nice.

But ever since last Tuesday we’ve been trying to figure out what was going to happen at my appointment today. And now I know! I’ll be going in EARLY Sunday morning, and I’m not a morning person, to be induced. If the induction works, I’ll have the baby Sunday. If not, and everything looks ok, I’ll come back and try again Tuesday. If the induction doesn’t work on Sunday and something looks wrong, they’ll go ahead and c-section. Yes, I’m paralyzed with fear by that one, but what can I do?

So one way or another we’ll have a baby Sunday or Tuesday at the latest and we’ll know if it’s a Phoebe or a Pheobo. (Friends reference.) Yikes! But in a good way.

Here are some pictures of the nursery almost finished. A little more has been done, but our digital camera is getting repaired.




Week 36

4/13/2006 Category :General 1

Well, I’m officially 9 months today at week 36. When I hit week 37, the baby is considered full term and can come at any time.

We’ve got the nursery mostly done. I’m just touching up a few last paint spots and then I’ll post a picture.

I almost cried for the first time the other day when I went to borrow one of Patrick’s xxl shirts and it wasn’t big. In fact it barely covered my tummy. He, like a good husband, insists that it is one of his shrunken ones. Is shrunken a word?

I’m nearing 200 on the scale, but retaining a lot of fluid in my legs and feet. Didn’t you all want to know that? It makes me look like I have sausage slabs for legs and hobbit feet. I am supposed to be on bedrest 3-4 hours a day with my feet up.

We are as ready as we are ever gonna be and getting very excited. Still don’t know if I’ll have to be induced early or not. The doctor is now saying as long as my sugars stay good he’ll let me get as close to my date as possible.

And still no insulin! In fact my sugars have been really good this week with a high of 101! Down from getting occassional 115s and a lot of 105-110.