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8 weeks old

6/25/2006 Category :General 3

Ok, as Kelli pointed out with her comment on my last entry, it is time for me to update. So here it goes….

Brenden went to the doctor for his one month checkup and shots on June 1st. He was up to 9 lbs 14 oz and 22 1/2 inches. A Bit of a difference from his appointment two weeks earlier (see previous entry). He goes back on July 6th and I’m sure those numbers will be drastically different by then. The boy is doing nothing but growing! Ok, that’s not true, he’s also eating up a storm and making us wish we knew someone with stock in pampers!

Patrick and I also celebrated our 4 year anniversary on June 1st. In the past we’ve celebrated by taking a trip somewhere, even if it was small. This year we kept it quiet with a nice dinner while Andy and Sara watched Brenden for us. We ate at Chamberlain’s steakhouse which was yummy!

Patrick had his first father’s day too which was nice. We spent time with my Dad, Patrick’s Dad and then went out to eat to celebrate the day for him.

In the past month or so Brenden has learned to track the fish that go in a circle on the swing my friend Melissa let us borrow. He loves to watch them go round and round. He can also fling himself off his stomach and onto his back from the pillow on his Einstein mat. I’m not sure if he knows that’s cheating, but hey, it gets him where he wants to go!

The past 4 days he’s been working really hard on sucking his fingers. This is harder for him than it might sound. His instinct is to suck the fingers on the right hand only there aren’t any there so he ends up sucking the whole fist. So in the past what he’s done is try a few times and then give up. But this week he’s been trying every chance he gets. He’s even been waking up hungry and trying his fingers in an effort to self-soothe until we get him food. It’s really neat to watch him learn something. Now so far he’s only really been sucessful once, and I happened to get a picture which is below.

I start summer II on July 9th while my Mom watches Brenden for me. Two hours a day Mon-Thurs of Spanish. Blah. I had 4 years of spanish in high school, but don’t remember much of it. I’ll also be taking an online non-fiction class which should be interesting.

DSCN0834.JPGBrenden swinging IIBrenden swingingBrenden on the boppy