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7/16/2012 Category :General 0

I’m not a morning person. I think it’s been covered once or twice before. The kids and I used to have this unspoken deal that they’d sleep until 8 but that’s been over for some time. So generally when Brenden comes bursting into the room, always to my side of the bed, talking 90 miles a minute I’m not ready. So I nod politely and make the appropriate noises of agreement/amazement/general interest and then tell him I’m working on waking up sending him off to the sunroom to play. Upon leaving my room he generally wakes Emily up with his joy at being awake for the day. They usually play very nicely coming in to check on me several times.

My favorite part of all of this is laying in bed listening to them when they are in one of their rooms or the hallway. One recent morning I overheard the following conversation from the bathroom:

Emily: Brenden I’m naked!
Brenden: laughter
Emily: Brenden what’s naked?
Brenden: Emily, naked means that you are naked.
Emily. Oh. I’m naked!