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I’m the worst mom ever!

2/20/2007 Category :General 3

I was sitting at my computer typing my nice little post about the park and chatting with Patrick. I had let the dogs outside and Brenden was napping. Then he started to cry. I know that it is a lot easier to let the dogs in and feed them without Brenden underfoot so I went and took care of that. Then I quickly came back to the computer and told Patrick bye.

And here is where the bad mom part comes in….Brenden hadn’t wanted to take his nap in the first place, a pretty common occurance around here. He often wakes up crying, so I just really didn’t think anything of it. When I went into his room however, I realized right away that this wasn’t his normal cry. He was sobbing, and he was stuck! The chubby part of his thigh was stuck between the rails of the crib and his foot was pointing down and stuck between the crib and the mattress. I started off calm enough setting to the task of trying to unstick him. But I couldn’t do it. He was panicing, so I was panicing. I could not budge the thigh out because of the chub, and because when I moved the top, it contorted the bottom more. I was mere seconds from tearing that wood apart with my bare hands, but some how I finally got both parts of his leg and foot unstuck.

The poor thing sobbed and sniffed and clung to me for a good 10 minutes. He stayed a little grumpy through most of the rest of the afternoon, but ended the day in a miraculously happy mood. I really thought something was going to be broken, but all is well.

Dirt is good!

2/20/2007 Category :General 1

Today is such a beautiful day that Brenden and I walked down to our neighborhood park with the idea of checking out the swing situation. Ok, Brenden actually rode in his stroller, but you know what I mean! We took the short walk to the park and found the only swing for the little guys was taken. I decided to take Brenden out and let him practice his walking on the concrete. Sounds mean doesn’t it? I was holding his hands though. Then the swing freed up and after checking my fear of him being too small for the swing with another mother, in he went. He didn’t seem to have an opinion of it either way, but I think he liked his hair blowing around. Before we left he played in the dirt and wood chips. He did get one small fistful to his mouth, but I got it all out right away.


Random Weekend Thoughts….

2/17/2007 Category :General 1

It’s only Saturday night and Patrick and I have been able to get a ton of stuff done this weekend. Last night we watched two of our Netflix selections. They were both a little odd, but very interesting.

Our first movie up was “The Final Cut” (2004) with Robin Williams and Jim Caviezel. It is a futuristic story where people can pay to have chips implanted into the brains of their babies so that every moment of their life is recorded. Robin Williams’ job is to take all the footage the chip records and turn it into a “re memory” video when someone dies. There were several parts of the story that didn’t really make a lot of sense to me, but what I did love about this movie was the idea that people don’t remember things accurately. Instead they remember them from their own perspective, with their own emotions attached, in Robin Williams case, guilt.

The second movie we watch was “American Psycho” (2000) with Christian Bale. Josh Lucas and Reese Witherspoon also had small parts. Christian Bale is a yuppie in the 80s, and oh yeah, he’s also a serial killer. But the movie sort of leaves it up for you to decide if he actually is killer or if all the events you’ve just watched happen only in his mind. Either way, we are both worried about ourselves, because we thought parts of it were hilarious! Christian Bale, who I already loved, was an awesome crazy guy. He says the most inane things and nobody listens to him. I covered my eyes and ears through the gory parts, but the rest was really funny!

Tonight we went to a grown up dinner (meaning no Brenden) to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Since Patrick is in busy season at work for a few more weeks, he couldn’t get home in time to go out on Wednesday, so we just planned on going out tonight instead. We went to III Forks, where neither of us has ever been before, and it was yummy. It always makes me feel like such a slob when the waiters clean your crumbies away between courses though! It’s like “yeah, I made a mess. Thanks for drawing attention to it!”

Patrick also got the taxes and grocery shopping done while I studied for a test I have on Monday and cleaned up around the house. We balanced the checkbook and paid bills too. Busy busy. Tomorrow, more studying, cleaning and relaxing!

More Video!

2/17/2007 Category :General 1

The Burleson’s came to watch Brenden yesterday and they brought along a toy for him. He had it figured out by the time I got home from school. Well, mostly figured out anyway. Take a look.


2/11/2007 Category :General 0

We spent our Friday night doing homework. Patrick went to a friends house to get some help with his calculus before taking his first exam on Saturday. I stayed home, and once Brenden was in bed, started to work on a paper I had due by the end of today (Sunday). We wore both up late, but we got our stuff done!

Yesterday Patrick went and took his test. He’d been freaking out because his homework had been so easy, but when he went to do the on-line lab Thursday night, it was way harder. But he got a high B on his test, and since the class average was in the 50s, he felt pretty good about that.

After his test we went the Scottish Rite hospital for a Hands Down meeting. Brenden got to play with a bunch of other kids and had a lot of fun with that. This meeting was less business and more sharing than the last one we went to. We sat in a circle and shared our stories, which I thought was going to be not fun, but actually turned out to be really nice. So people mentioned their initial reaction to their children’s hand was to feel cheated. I never felt that way though, and now, it seems obvious Brenden more than makes up for whatever he may be missing.

Today we worked on organizing the garage. A task I’m sure Patrick was thrilled to tackle, but our garage was pretty bad. We only got half way done, but we got a good start. Then we were off to a wonderful lunch at my in-laws were we of course ate too much.

Oh, I also got my diabetes checkup results back and my numbers are finally going back down! Yeah. I don’t have to try to convince any more nurses and doctors that I’m not an alcoholic! (Last time my liver levels were crazy high.) So I’m happy about all that.

Tomorrow starts another busy week. I have two tests on Wed., but then I think things should slow down.

Here are some of the latest pictures.


The stinker has 4 teeth now, but he’ll be darned if he’ll show them to you!

You are getting sleepy….


My boys are tired! Late Thursday night after Patrick got home from work and just before Brenden’s bedtime.