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Potty Training

6/9/2011 Category :General 0

Brenden was very difficult to potty train. In fact, he still goes to sleep with a pullup on at night since he takes a drink to bed he rarely wakes up dry. Long after he learned to pee in the potty he was very resistant to doing anything else.

So it’s in total amazement that I can say at 2 Emily is nearly potty trained. And I didn’t have a darn thing to do with it. We never moved the little potty out of the kids bathroom even after Brenden had switched over to the big one. So it just sat there unused. One day when Brenden announced he needed to go to the potty, Emily said, “I go poop” and off she went and did just that. It started happening every once in awhile. I thought, ok. When I finish my school semester we’ll take those three weeks I have off and really concentrate on this. I didn’t think it was fair to start when I couldn’t give it my full attention. But as time has gone on, she’s doing so well, I almost hate to get involved because I’m afraid of ruining it. So she’s going at her own pace and go more and more often. It’s not consistent enough for underwear just yet, but close. She takes off her own wet diaper because it is bothering her. If she does go in her diaper she will tell me she needs to go potty. And today when she woke up from her nap (Brenden and I were napping too) I heard her go in and use the potty. And what’s great is she even dumps it into the big toilet for me! And she’s always so proud of herself. Tonight before bed as she sat on the potty with the door open Sam, the dog, peeked his head in. She said, “HI SAM! I GO POOP!”

So I hesitantly say that for the first time in 5 years of diaper changing, we are getting very close to being down to just a night time diaper. And that, in the land of parenting, is VERY exciting.

Who made that?

6/9/2011 Category :General 0

Brenden has this little game he likes to play: Who made that? My part of the game involves telling him whether the stated thing was made by God or people. For some reason, I love that he thought of this game. We played it today when he wanted to know who made the guy inside his new prized possession bought with his saved up change—a transformer. “Mom, who made the guy inside? Was it Gourd?”