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8/29/2005 Category :General 0

We spent Saturday sitting on the dirty NYC side walk waiting in line for ticket to see Shakespere in the Park in Central Park. We had been advised to get there no later than 11, but when we got there a† 10 til, it was already a pretty full line. We found ou† right away that we were safe to get tickets though, so we really didn’t mind waiting until they started handing the tickets out at 1:00.

We had a good time talking to people and reading while we waited and the time seemed to go pretty fast. We got the tickets and then headed off in search of lunch. We decided to try this place we’d heard of that only serves pb & j sandwiches called The Peanut Butter Company. They had all sorts of crazy varieties of sandwhiches, shakes and desserts made with their own special (read extremely thick) peanut butter, including a blt with peanut but†er. There is something wierd about lettuce, tomato and bacon, with pb. We were boring and had plain sandwhiches.

We took them to eat in Washington Square Park. I have to say that park was interesting!

After running home to walk to the dogs it was time to head back in to find our seats for the show. It was a musical version of The Two gentlemen of Verona. It was actually pretty good. Rosario Dawson ( Men in Black II and The Rundown) was one of the main characters. She was pretty good.

It was a nice New Yorkie day.

The March of the Penguins

8/19/2005 Category :General 0

We just watched a really great movie in the city. We went in to see “The March of the Penguins,” which I guess you could have figured out from my title!

I really loved it. It’s one of those things that sounds boring until you actually watch it. I seriously want to own it to fall asleep to because it was like one big relaxation tape with pictures.

Morgan Freeman narrarates and his voice is relaxing. Then there is relaxing music playing while they show the story of the penguins’ life. They do close up shots of the colors of the penguins, who I would have sworn were just black and white, but they actually also have gray and yellow. Then they focus in on the different textures of the snow, their fur and their feet.

So basically it’s a really arty movie about penguins which seems weird, but it’s actually beautiful. And a bit heartbreaking as they remind you every five minutes that most of them will die do to the weather and their food situation.

Heather Nova

8/11/2005 Category :General 5

I know only like two people I know even know who she is, but I’m excited —so I’m sharing. Since the cds only available in Europe right now, at least as far as I know, you can listen to full-length versions of all the songs by clicking here.


8/8/2005 Category :General 0

Patrick and I have been sort of slacking on our netflix since moving here. We have our queue set up where we get one movie that he picked, one that I picked and one that we both picked. We have about 70 movies in each queue but haven’t been going through them very fast until about two weeks ago.

In the past few days we finally saw Million Dollar Baby and Sideways. I liked both of them, but because of all the things I’d heard about both, I was a smidge dissappointed. I’d heard so much about the suprise twist at the end of Million Dollar Baby and how it was like two different movies, but when I watched it, I really wasn’t that suprised. Now I can see where when it was in the theater and most people hadn’t seen it yet, it would have been shocking, but I had just built it up into something so huge that I just kept thinking, “that’s it?”

So then we watched sideways where I was hoping for a happier ending (because before Million Dollar Baby we had watched Cold Mountain). I hate when movies don’t end happy. I know that’s real life, but I don’t watch movies or read books for real, I do it to escape real. So after two major downers, I was hoping for something happier.

No such luck on Sideways. The end does hint at a happy ending, but it leaves it up to your imagination. I have to say there was a lot about the movie I just didn’t get, but there were also some really funny parts.

My favorite line, ” Who am I kidding? I’m not a writer, I’m an 8th grade english teacher. I’m so insignificant I can’t even kill myself yet.” Paul Giamatti.

Next up for my queue is Girl with a Pearl Earring. Oh man, I hope that has a happy ending, but I have no idea. Well, at least I can enjoy Colin Firth. And in our joint queue is American Splendor.

Here fishy fishy

8/8/2005 Category :General 0

Well, we got another thing crossed off our master to-do list this weekend. It was Patrick’s turn to pick and he wanted to go to the NY Aquarium on Coney Island so after sleeping in late we headed out to Brooklyn. It’s a bit of a long trip, but we finally got there. It’s a rather small place and some parts of it weren’t kept up very well, but we still enjoyed it. We saw walrus, penguins, sea lions/otters, and sharks. We also watched a little show on the sea lions where they performed with their trainers.

Afterwards we went and ate at our favorite restaraunt in Chinatown followed by desert at the best little bakery in little Italy. Yum! We may have cheated a little diet-wise, but hey, it was only half an eclair. I did take the other half home and ate it the next day!

I love Billy Blanks!

8/3/2005 Category :General 0

Yes, Tae Bo is the cheesiest workout ever, but when you are tired and stressed kicking and punching the air feels really good. I know I should do yoga and be all zen like, but yoga just makes me laugh. I can’t do it.

What could they need that badly?

8/2/2005 Category :General 4

We just watched a video of people camped out in front of the new IKEA that opens in Frisco tomorrow. I have to say, I’m a little scared by that!