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On writing

Posted on 4/7/2014 | No Comments on On writing

Though it’s been some time since anyone but myself cared to publish anything I’ve written, there is a part of me that always considers myself a writer. However, people that I’ve meet in more recent years don’t necessarily know this about me. So I was very surprised at lunch with my grad school friends when one of my friends laid out a business plan for me that involved writing a blog. The idea, she said, was to combine my play therapy and other counseling skills with my writing. She’d been thinking of this plan for me all based on my Facebook updates not knowing that I write. She told me that most of the time when she knows someone is going to post about their kids she skips over it, but not mine, because I’m funny. I know there is currently this belief that people that blog or use social media are narcissistic. I couldn’t really be further from it, so if it sounds like I’m bragging or patting myself on the back that’s not the case. The funny thing is that I always feel like I over post about the kids and I’m conscious of annoying people every time I do it. So 1) it was nice to be told that it’s actually enjoyable (which a few others have told me as well) 2) It reaffirmed that I have some talent with a skill usually only my Momma praises 3) It made me realize I really like to be told I’m funny.

So I don’t know about the business possibilities.But I do know, yet again, I’m reminded how much I want to write here.

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