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A vastly different weekend pace

In contrast to last weekend, this weekend was non-stop busy. Both kids had a birthday party to attend on Saturday. We woke, bought groceries and presents, attended party one at a bounce house place, attended party two at a mini-golf place and then came home and crashed.

Sunday I had plans to meet for lunch with my friends from grad school. The kids were very excited to have a babysitter. They pointed out that they had not had one in some time. The babysitter this time happened to be the older sister of one of Brenden’s classmates. He woke me Sunday morning to tell me, “I think Natalie’s house is always very clean. I don’t want to be embarrassed if our house isn’t clean. I’m going to go clean the toy room.” And he did. Little did he know, I’d already cleaned the rest of the house the night before with the plan to make the kids clean their rooms and the toy room. Worked right in to my evil plan! MWAH HAA HAA.

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