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Kindergarten Graduation

The kid’s school makes a pretty big deal out of the end of the school year in general, but an even bigger deal about kindergarten graduation. Brenden really loved his time at his little school and we were so sad to see his time there end. I was pretty sad on the last day that I took both kids to school together for the last time for a few years. We are so glad that we made the choice to keep Brenden in a small school for kindergarten. He continued to struggle a bit with handwriting for the first half of the year. He was very quiet in class but would talk his teachers ear off durning any sort of break. At the half-way point she told us he was hesitant to join group, answer questions in class and would sometimes hide his hand (something we’d never seen him do). By the last few weeks of school he was making 100’s on most of his spelling tests, writing pretty well, reading and being asked to be QUIET during class. Yeah, that’s more like the Brenden we know! He really bonded with his teacher so I thought he’d have a tough time leaving, but he took it very well. When we realized how busy and crazy my summer school schedule was going to be we gave him the chance to go back to his teacher for the summer or have a babysitter and he choose a babysitter, saying that he was done with kindergarten now!

Anyway, back to graduation. The kid’s had to paint self-portraits and make a poster answering questions about themselves which were then put on display the night of graduation. They also had to memorize a short speech about their favorite subject, what they want to be when they grow up, and where they were going to first grade. Brenden was up second for this speech on graduation night and froze up a bit, but was really cute in his shyness.

And, again, these pictures have been around, but here they are again.

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