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Brenden has been six for almost 4 months now. It’s hard to remember the exact feeling we had when this occurred since some time has past and things have once again changed in that way that things constantly change when you have growing kids. What I do remember is this feel that his birthday occurred and a new and improved version of Brenden appeared. Not to say that he wasn’t already amazing, but there was this huge, instant change in him. He started melting down less. He stopped fighting with his sister over toys as much. He started being much more helpful in general and more specifically with his sister. I started hearing him try to keep her out of trouble and try to teach her things.

As is the tradition we began last year we had a family party the weekend before his actual birthday and then his friend party the weekend of. The friend party was at a bounce house again this year at Brenden’s request. I think Brenden had a pretty great time at both parties!

And even though I know I posted some pictures in various places, here they are again.

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