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Perfect Saturday

Posted on 9/5/2010 | 1 Comment on Perfect Saturday

You know those weekends people talk/blog/facebook about where the whole family hung out and did spent time together just having fun? Yeah, we’ll yesterday we had one of those. I’m not saying we don’t have fun on the weekends or that we don’t go out, but usually we are trying to fit so many things into the weekend that we are just running from thing to thing.

Today Patrick got up with the kids and I got up a little bit later and made us omelettes. Then we took the kids to the park and spent an hour there just letting them play. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t done this all summer because I just can’t stand to sit out in the heat. But today’s high was only 89 so despite being very sunny, it wasn’t too bad.

Then we decided to go the Dallas Children’s Museum and let the kids play. Actually, Patrick wanted to go to the zoo but we let Brenden choose between the zoo and the museum and the museum won. The kids loved it! Brenden ran from thing to thing and there were plenty of things for Emily to enjoy too.


  1. Grandma Reply

    When Brenden and I looked at these pictures
    he said “there Grandma, now do you see what
    I was talkin’ about those bones?”
    Looks like a great time for all.

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