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Posted on 8/29/2005 | No Comments on PB& J

We spent Saturday sitting on the dirty NYC side walk waiting in line for ticket to see Shakespere in the Park in Central Park. We had been advised to get there no later than 11, but when we got there a† 10 til, it was already a pretty full line. We found ou† right away that we were safe to get tickets though, so we really didn’t mind waiting until they started handing the tickets out at 1:00.

We had a good time talking to people and reading while we waited and the time seemed to go pretty fast. We got the tickets and then headed off in search of lunch. We decided to try this place we’d heard of that only serves pb & j sandwiches called The Peanut Butter Company. They had all sorts of crazy varieties of sandwhiches, shakes and desserts made with their own special (read extremely thick) peanut butter, including a blt with peanut but†er. There is something wierd about lettuce, tomato and bacon, with pb. We were boring and had plain sandwhiches.

We took them to eat in Washington Square Park. I have to say that park was interesting!

After running home to walk to the dogs it was time to head back in to find our seats for the show. It was a musical version of The Two gentlemen of Verona. It was actually pretty good. Rosario Dawson ( Men in Black II and The Rundown) was one of the main characters. She was pretty good.

It was a nice New Yorkie day.

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