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Emily’s 2 Month Checkup

Last Thursday Emily had a belated 2 month checkup and is doing great. She has a slight case of colic that keeps her a little grumpy from about 8-11 and she is eating a ton. Other than that, she is a cuddly, easy going girl.

Weight- 12 lbs 10.9 oz
Height- 23 inches

She is so strong and is getting really close to having head control. She can hold it up pretty long and she can raise it off the floor very well. She’s trying really hard to sit up and getting close to being able to roll from her back to her stomach.

She loves it when Brenden get’s in her face, which is good because he does that a lot. She laughs and smiles for him. I’ve got a picture to add in a bit, but right now I have to go see why Brenden is suddenly terrified of thunderstorms.

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