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Posted on 12/30/2008 | 1 Comment on Change

We are quickly approaching huge changes that are all good, but still a little scary. As of right now, I’m still scheduled for my c-section 1 week from today. I should know more details tomorrow, but don’t expect that date to change.

Also, due to a great opportunity for my parents, they won’t be able to spend as much time with us as we are used to for a while. Well, actually that isn’t entirely true…My mom will come stay with us for a bit when after the baby is born to help us all adjust and to help take care of Brenden.

Both great things, but big changes to adjust to. I’m sure we’ll all do well though.


  1. Kelli Reply

    Change is good! It makes you grow! 🙂 You moved to NY and you are better for it! Change is super scary sometimes, but just think, you get to watch Brenden be a big brother! And haven’t you always wanted to go to Washington State? I hear it is beautiful. Now you have a justifiable reason to go! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you, Pbur, Brendo and little Emiluke next week! 🙂

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