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After a long and busy week for Patrick we relaxed at the Dallas zoo on Saturday with some friends. I thought with two kids we’d be there 3 hours at most, but we ended up staying about 5. We had such a good time and the kids did great. Little Will took a short nap but Brenden waited until we were in the car on the way home. He fell asleep mid-ice cream cone. Now that is tired! Here are some pictures:


Brenden really had a good time climbing on the rocks and getting as close as he could to the water. He would have been happy to see no more of the zoo than what was right in this area.


We got to the zoo right when it opened at 9 and had the place to ourselves for probably about half an hour. This slide still had dew on it when Brenden went down.


Pretending to lick the egg.


Brenden keep turning to us and saying “What’s that?” He and Will sure were having fun together.


Brenden was really coveting Will’s stroller. There was a cool steering wheel attachment and Will was nice enough to let Brenden ride in it for a bit. Brenden never wanted to get out of it. He just kept honking the horn. And we thought letting him ride in a wagon would be more fun than bringing his stroller!


He thought sticking his head through the sign was pretty fun. Even though it took Patrick a bit to get our camera on and get the picture taken!

Sorry my pictures have been smaller than usual. We are doing some computer shuffling and I’m waiting to get photoshop back on my “new” computer. Should be soon.

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