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15 Month Checkup

Posted on 8/1/2007 | 3 Comments on 15 Month Checkup

The Stats:
Height-33 1/4 inches 94%
Weight-23.8 lbs 34%
head-19 1/4 inches 90%

Overall the doctor said Brenden looked great. I got a little worried when the doctor listened to his heart because he was checking it from more angles and for a longer time than normal. Turns out he heard a faint heart murmer, but said it sounded innocent. He said that a cardiologist would say that 100% of babies have them at some point and we only need to worry if it sounds different next time, otherwise, no problem.

He suggested having Brenden screened by ECI (early childhood intervention) to see if there is any physical therapy they would recommend to keep him from falling behind on his fine motor skills. He suggested this not because he thought Brenden was already behind, but mearly as a preventative measure because of his hand. He said they may say we don’t need to do anything though. So we will look into that.

Then Brenden got his 3 shots. He’d been happy and playing and laughing the whole time we were there and in one instant his little heart broke.

Here are a few pictures from last week and today.


Showing off that he can climb into the chair now.


Asleep in the car after a long morning or a busy weekend.


This morning in the doctor’s office-his mission was to rearrange all the furniture and he would not let me take his milk cup off the chair.


He likes to pretend this toy is a vacuum cleaner. At least that is what I always think he is doing because he runs it back and forth and right up the furniture like I do the vacuum.


  1. Kelli Reply

    He is growing up SO fast! Especially when you look at the pics in your post from the day he was born, lol. Maggie, when you look at him head on, he is ALL Romanski! He definitely has his Pbur moments, but I am really starting to see you in him as he gets older.

    Thanks for sharing! I love seeing pics of the Brendo!

  2. Amy Reply


    I know it sounds frightening that he has a heart murmur, but I remember being at the pedi’s office when they detected one in my sister. It just meant that they listened to her heart more carefully after that. She was able to run and play to her heart’s content. She even played soccer a couple of years (quit because she didn’t like it, not because of her heart). I think most kids who have them grow out of them. I’m sure this will be the case with Brenden.

    Also, if you would like to talk to my brother and sister-in-law about Aidan’s physical development when he was Brenden’s age and whether his little hand impeded anything, email me and I’ll hook you up.

  3. 07/08/03

    Thanks Amy, that was sweet. I actually was told several years ago that I have a slight heart murmer too and it’s never amounted to a thing. I won’t worry too much until the next time we go.

    After we see what these people say there is a good chance I will take you up on your offer to talk to your family. I’m not really worried about him learning, but I guess I’m just curious to see what the experts say. I would hate to have a chance to help him get ahead and not take it.

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