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Congratulations Bob you finally got a job

I got a job that I start on Tuesday!

I went in for an interview through The Creative Group for a proofreader/copy writer position. Had a great first half of the interview with two men and then they told me that they interviewed someone yesterday that was over qualified and if she’d take the job they really felt like she should have it. So I was very discouraged until they said that I’d made the choice harder than they thought it’d be and that they should
really take us both. They sat there mulling things over for a few minutes and then mentioned that they had another position that they needed filled that wasn’t exactly defined yet.

So we talked about that one….I would get to do some layout, not the design, but the physical placement of stuff in a program that I’ve been wanting to learn and then help out wherever needed. I told them I was interested and they said they had some talking to do.

Well, I just got the call from the creative group that said I got it. They created a position just for me, I think my title will be Production Coordinator and it pays more than the job I went in for. Of course, she also mentioned that the other person hand’t taken the proofreader/copywriter job yet, so it sounds like they just knew they wanted me and didn’t really care where. I should have had to go through a trial period, but they are skipping that and hiring me on full time from the begining. They said they felt comfortable with my
talent and professionalism and personality that they didn’t need the temp part!

I’ll be working for Emco, an office supply catalog company. Not a super exciting thing to help layout but oh well!

So I’m really excited. And, I get to play the rest of this week before starting on Tuesday!


  1. Kelli Reply

    Go Maggie! Get your work on! 🙂 Sorry, I am a little crazy these days. I am really happy for you, Mags. I know how hard it is to find a job and how frustrating the whole process is…yay for you making it out alive! 🙂 Now, seriously, what kind of discount do we get? I LOVE office supplies!

  2. Jeff Loy Reply

    Something that troubles me….Kelli is usually the only person to leave comments. Does she REALLY have a job or was that all a hoax?

  3. Maggie Reply

    Yes, I think she really does have a job….but apparently you 2 are the only ones that love me!

  4. Jeff Loy Reply

    Actually, I’m just sick of shooting obscene looking products for the website.

  5. Maggie Reply

    So you are saying that it’s really just Kelli that loves me then?

  6. Jeff Loy Reply

    Those are YOUR words. I never said that.

    And judging what Kelli’s been saying…..

  7. Kelli Reply

    Jefferey (Jeffrey? Holy crap, I forgot!) Michael! Yes, I have a job…and I WORK during the day, unlike YOU who can go and post on Maggie’s site. Okay, so I do my fair share of playing, lol, but I just didn’t come to Mag’s site today.

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