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Hop on Pop and other funny things

This weekend Brenden decided that it was absolutely hysterical if I told him no. Don’t play with wires. Ha ha Mama. Don’t get all your clothes out of the dresser and try to pull the dresser over on yourself. Ha ha ha. Don’t stand up in your chair. This one actually turned into a game before I realized it. I’d tell him no.He wouldn’t sit down. I’d go put him on his butt. He’d laugh and then stand back up. So I took the chair away. Ha!

We went to see our friend’s new baby on Saturday and Brenden was very intrigued. That is the first time he’s been around a baby that was any more than maybe a month or so younger than he is. He kept stopping to look at the baby. He seemed to think the baby was pretty cool until I went to hold him. That was not so cool.

We also got to spend some time with Brenden’s great grandmother which was very nice. Brenden especially liked the idea that most things in her house seemed breakable and were at his level!

One night this weekend the silly boy decided it would be fun to climb on Daddy’s back. And it was even more fun than he originally thought, so he had to keep doing it! And laughing.

Today he learned how to put his fake coins into his piggy bank. He got it for his birthday and up until now has not been able to figure out how to get the coins turned the right direction to fit in the slot. I’ve been sticking them in the slot where they sort of catch and letting him push them the rest of the way in. But today he figured it all out and was doing it over and over. He was so engrossed in doing it that he even ignored the ringing telephone, something he never does!





  1. Kelli Reply

    So the middle pic just made me giggle! That is hilarious! I remember when I was little and I always climbed on my dad and made him pretend to be an elephant or horse. Tell Pbur to saddle up! 🙂

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