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Finally, a walking video…

I’ve been saying forever that I’d get a video of Brenden walking on here soon. And it isn’t that I have been procrastinating, I’ve really been trying to get some footage, but everytime I pull out the camera, the walking stops. I was finally able to get a little bit recorded on Easter though, so here it is. You’ll notice that I have left the original sound in. The reason for that is threefold: 1) Brenden makes some cute sounds 2) It is always fun to hear Patrick and I make fools of ourselves 3) We worked hard to get this, and you need to be on the journey to appreciate the end result!



  1. Kelli Reply

    I don’t know which was funnier…Brenden jumping when the dog barked or Patrick saying, “Here we go! Here we go!” when he started walking! LOVED IT! I could watch videos of Brenden all day long. He is TOO cute and just makes me laugh. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. Mom Reply

    It was worth waiting for….It was funny when the dog barked!:oops:
    What a cute little guy!
    Unbiased Grandma

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