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Posted on 4/12/2007 | 1 Comment on Yawannagoonacruise?

On Saturday after a lot of working on finding what we wanted, Patrick and I booked our first ever cruise. We’ll be setting sail May 13 for seven days as an early 5-year anniversary present to ourselves. I felt like we should really do something big this year, 1) because we just went to dinner last year (Patrick requests that I insert here, that it was because we just had a baby) 2) because 5 years is a pretty big milestone in this day and age! Neither of us have ever been on a cruise so this should be a lot of fun!

We are leaving from Galveston. We’ll stop in Montego Bay, Jamaica; Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. The only time Patrick has left the country was when we went to Canada, and the only place I’ve been besides that was London. So this is a good way for us to get a couple of places in at once.

We decided that we wanted to take Brenden with us wherever we went and that really limited things. We are hoping we aren’t crazy to take him on a cruise, but the way I look at it, it won’t be a lot of hauling him all over some city. We will get off the boat three times. So the thing I’m most worried about is what if he gets sea sick…but babies are in fluid in the womb, so does that translate to an ocean? Who knows. We don’t need his passport to take the cruise, but Patrick pointed out that if something happens and we have to fly back, we will need it. So I went and did the paperwork to have it expediated on Tuesday.

We found out today that Patrick is most likely going to get to go to NC for work the day after we get back. At least it is for something fun. It is a retreat that teaches you how to focus and balance life. I think it will be really good for him to go to, so I hope that traveling two weeks in a row doesn’t get to him.

Here is an extra photo from having Brenden’s passport picks done. The guy at the post office was great, he took it in seconds and even got Brenden smiling.



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    Don’t forget to take his life preserver:roll: Overprotective Grandmother

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