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Brenden: World Traveler

Patrick swears he’s going to blog about our trip, so I leave most of the details for him to write about and just share my favorite pictures. I do want to say that Brenden was so well behaved on the trip that we were able to have a really great time. And yes, we did leave the airport and the hotel, but as Patrick and I don’t appear too photogenic in any of those pictures, I’m not sharing them!


Brenden before our flight to NY took off. He was great on the plan despite many delays both ways.


Brenden as we take off. And I was worried his ears would hurt him….


Brenden has fun on the big comfy bed!

Brenden makes a new best friend—himself! He went to this mirror every chance he got to talk to the baby.


He feel asleep on our way back up to the hotel, so we left him bundled up for his nap.


Fearless World travel waits for Mom and Dad to get ready to go exploring.


Brenden and Dad play on the big piano at FAO Schwarz.


Brenden and Dad are very sleepy waiting for the darn airplane to board.

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