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Emily is rapidly approaching 5. One month from today to be exact. I know, you didn’t even know she turned 4 because I haven’t blogged in over a year until recently! I’m trying to be better. Anyway, one month from today. Realizing that made me stop and just take her in for a few minutes. This kid is pretty awesome. A little spitfire with a gentle, loving soul. She will argue with me until she’s blue in the face and then lovingly pat my head or rub my back. She is stubborn. If she decides she doesn’t want to do something there is no changing her mind. As pretty much every kid and parent on her soccer team can attest to. She wanted to practice, but she refused to play in the games without a huge struggle. I mean we begged, pleaded and bribed. And when that didn’t work we carried her out onto the field and deposited her in front of the ball. And most of the time, before we could even turn around, she came running after us and attached herself to our legs. She’s funny and she loves to laugh. Luckily, most of the time she’s pretty easy going. She wants so badly to be independent sometimes and other times she won’t even try to do things herself. Every night at dinner she tells me she doesn’t want what I’m making before she even knows what I’m making. She has developed an intense love for all things Barbie and Disney Princess, but she’s also happy playing more gruesome games with Brenden. She’s shy in groups but will talk your ear off one on one. She’s a total ham. She always asks me to make videos of her and when I try to take a picture of her she makes funny faces. She loves to sing and dance. Pink is her signature color. She has a temper. She loves to cuddle. She insists she doesn’t like, need, or want a nap and then walks in and puts herself to sleep.

One of my favorite things is something that I’m sure she’ll be growing out of soon and I wanted to have written down so I’d never forget. She leaves off the s at the beginning of words. So it’s picy (instead of spicy), chool (instead of school), Pen (instead of Sven), kirt (instead of skirt), and so on. But songs, shirt, shoes, Sadie and Shadow come out correct. Sometimes this is cause for confusion for me until I remember, oh, add an s.

I’m adding to the list:

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