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Posted on 3/11/2012 | No Comments on House of Art

Thursday we had the pleasure of attending an art show for the kids. Art is a pretty big deal at their school. They have a color, shape and artist of the month every month. They read books and study about the artist and then do projects that relate. Then they gather select pieces and invite the parents to enjoy. They make a huge deal about it and the kids were very excited. We got several notes home reminding us not to miss it. We got a note about proper etiquette with instructions to treat the night like we were at a museum. Aside from looking at each child’s art, stations are set up all across the gym with different art activities for the kids to enjoy. Which is of course all Brenden really wanted to do! I’ve made galleries of each kid’s artwork and I’m including links here. Where I remembered to, I took a picture of the sign that explains or labels the piece and that appears first followed by their actual piece.

Enjoying the show.

Emily’s Gallery

Brenden’s Gallery

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