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The Beach

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About mid-school year last year Brenden got the idea that he really wanted to go to the beach. He asked about going frequently. With me already in school time was not readily available. We decided to wait until the summer break. We thought of a big elaborate trip to Padre but after deciding to make the drive to see our friends in Denver, we weren’t thrilled with the idea of another very long car trip. We ended up sticking closer to home and going to Galveston and had a great time.

We got a condo right across the street from the beach. The kids saw it as one huge sandbox. Not totally impressed with the ocean. Brenden did work up the nerve to play in the water some despite his fear of being eaten by a shark. After much assurance that the sharks were out much further in the ocean than we’d let him get. He was having a blast splashing and running in the water with Patrick until a wave got him and water went up his nose and in his mouth. He did venture back out though. Emily really did not want to have anything to do with the water. She didn’t even want me to carry her in. We had a really nice, relaxing and casual trip with lots of tv time and cooking in the condo rather than eating out. Brenden has asked frequently if we will go back. And I think the answer is yes!

On the way home we spent some time at Johnson Space Center. The kids loved it! We also got to stop off and see a friend of our’s from high school we hadn’t seen in some time.

He would not take his life jacket off for anything.

Patrick had fun playing in the sand too.

Getting water for their sandcastle.

Brenden enjoying the space center.

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