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Posted on 4/11/2011 | 1 Comment on London

So, I’m a little slow in getting to this, but it’s been a hectic few weeks. Patrick and I went to London while both of our colleges and the kids school were on spring break. Patrick had a conference he wanted to attend the following week and I made a deal with him that he could go if I got to go to London with him before that. So we went.

But before we went, we had some excitement! Somehow in all the planning and preparing for the trip, I never looked at my passport. I don’t know why. But it turns out it had expired at the beginning of the year. Those things are good for so long and I had been out of the country fairly recently, so I didn’t check it. Until about 3 hours before we were to leave on our trip. You can read here about the saga of getting an emergency renewal. But I’ll sum it up by saying that if it weren’t for the help/actions of my parents and my husband, I’d have spent the week on the floor crying. I would never have even tried to get a passport on the day I was leaving. As much as I generally hate referring to a family as a team, we were a pretty good team that day!

We had a really great trip. Here’s a link to some of our pictures.


  1. Rachel Reply

    I just looked @ the pics and read the saga about the passport. I had no idea about that whole saga, but I’m very happy it all worked out!

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