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Sharing the love

Posted on 4/19/2007 | 3 Comments on Sharing the love

Brenden has been very affectionate this week. He has learned to come up behind me, wrap his arms around my legs and just cling. He has also been showing some love to the dogs and his goldfish crackers. Take a look.


Brenden gives Sam some love. Before this picture,  he was standing with his back to Sam, drinking his bottle and leaning his head back on Sam.


He wanted to hang onto the bag, so I let him. Then he was clutching it to his chest like a blanket and did not want to let it go, even so that I could get some more goldfish crackers for him to eat.


  1. Mom Reply

    NEVER take a hug from your child for granted…..they are still precious even though the “child” is in their 30’s…or is a “child-in-law” 😉
    Love always.
    Mom/Grandma/Mohter-in-law dearest

  2. Kelli Reply

    Makes me just want to pick him up and plant kisses all over him! I can’t wait till the big birthday!

  3. Amy Reply

    What a sweetie-pie! Everyone at my shower was just enamored of him. I’m sorry I missed you guys. 🙁

    I hope to see you next weekend. I have to take it day by day, but I think a short, happy outing should be fine.

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