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December was surprisingly quiet. I had finals and lots of papers that I had procrastinated writing and therefore spent the last two weeks of school writing all at once. The kids were both in the Christmas show at their school. We went to the tree farm and cut our own Christmas tree and we hosted Christmas as our house. But somehow, even in doing that, the month seemed much slower than the previous two.

The kids quickly grew bored of my hunt for the perfect tree and made up their own games. Apparently, I'm picky!

Patrick and I finally agreed on a tree and the kids happily posed for a picture. Mostly happily.

Patrick and the kids decorated the tree this year. The past few years I've picked a theme and then done it by myself. This family tree is much more special. No really, it's special, look at the lean.

We even found time to ride the neighboorhood train, The Holiday Express.

This year Emily was actually excited about the train.

The kids were genuinely thrilled with each and every gift.

Emily was happy to get many of her own versions of toys she steals from Brenden on a regular basis.


  1. Kelli Reply

    LOL at the “special tree”! 🙂

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