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Posted on 7/26/2011 | 1 Comment on Colorado

We got back last night from a long weekend in Colorado visiting friends. We all had a great time but are happy to be home. The kids were especially happy to see all their toys and their dogs. Mostly we relaxed while the 4 kids (ours and the two we were visiting) and sometimes more played. At one point there were 7 little boys and our little girl (who held her own) playing in the same house. We spent time each night out on the deck in the cool breeze, a welcome break from day 5,000 of 100+ degree weather around here lately. We went to Tiny Town and the Denver Childern’s Museum both places we had taken Brenden on our visit there 4 years ago. Not the difference in the pictures below:

Brenden said a few things along the way I had to capture.

1) Upon waking up the morning we left I heard him sweetly telling the dog, “Bailey today we go see Wilder and Hunter. We’ll be gone for 4 days and then we’ll be back.”

2) As we started the long drive, “Hey, we woke up early like Grandpa when he was going to get Grandma”

3) After asking us something repeatedly and finding our patience gone, “That’s just the way God made me. He wanted me to be a kid that asks a lot of questions over and over.”

Here is a link to my photo gallery:



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    Hmm. That looks funny. I’ll work on it. But not now.

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